Friday, May 27, 2011

A Work in Progress

I totally have loved the idea of Chipboard Mini Albums from the first time I ever picked up a Scrapbooking Magazine! They are amazing and just make the best gifts ever! Unfortunately I am a Dollar Store Crafter. Very rarely do I pay over 3$ for any craft project. I always check out Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and of course my DI (Deseret Industries) for anything I need, including storage systems, paper, stamps, stickers, and odd embellishments! I also carefully watch for the sales at my local Roberts Arts & Crafts, Joanns Fabric Store, and Micheal's! I don't like ordering online so I really never do that. I probably miss out on a lot of great deals but that's ok. I get by just fine by doing what I'm doing! And as we all know chipboard Mini albums are on the more expensive side of things so I have never had the luxery of buying one. Until about 3 weeks ago, I was at the DI and was so excited to see that they had a huge stack of chipboard Cog mini albums from Stampin' UP!!! I'm not sure what year they are from but they are amazing! And super cute! I bought 4 of them at .50 cents a piece! What a steal! I originally bought them to give as gifts for Father's Day but what I had planned just isn't going to work out so I have decided to use them to celebrate my children! I am working on my oldest right now and I have pictures for you to enjoy as well! They don't have my logo on them so please do not steal them, use them for inspiration only. Thank you.
This is what my Mini Album looked like before I dug into my project!

I love the Cog! I really wish I had some clock work stamps! They would've looked awesome on this!

My oldest is Smokey (Male age 9) so I chose darker colors and boxy patterns. They totally match his personality! What a fun project!

That's only half the album! I am loving how it is all coming together!! I will post pictures of the finished product very soon! Thanks again for reading and have a very Happy Paper Crafting Day! Don't forget to stop by our Facebook and become a fan to be entered into special Lucky Me Giveaways!

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