Monday, May 9, 2011

Cards #18 - #22

Yea!! I am so close to being done with this amazing order!! A dear friend of my Husband ordered a total of 19 birthday cards and I have been working hard to get them done. The progress is just amazing! I can't believe how fast all of this has been accomplished! Thank you all for fallowing me and my journey on completing my biggest order of single cards to date!

Well lets get to what you all came here to see, THE PICTURES!!! =)

First up today is a card for a man. I just love the colors! This is one of my favorite cards! Simple and lovely! The slight hint of blue is perfect! And who doesn't love stripes!

This is the inside of the card! Isn't it the cutest!

Next up was a fun project full of blues and greens! I love love love the little arrows! It really made the card! I used a rub-on and some dark blue rhinestones to complete this card! Its a perfect balance!

This card was a real treat to accomplish! I love Tag cards! They are great for any occasion and always look great with a gift! This one is for a young man so I chose darker colors, forest green, dark tan, black, grey, and just plain green. It turned out great! I love how well it all came together! My favorite brads are the rustic ones I used on this card! They just add to any project no matter the colors.

I love cats and I was so happy to be able to break out my favorite stamp set (Until I get the ones from Penny Black! I love her little animal stamps! *Especially the kitty ones!) and put them to good use on a card for a little girl! I just know she's gonna love it! Pink & Brown are always good together!

This is the inside of the card. The kitty face and "happy birthday" stamps are arched in the same direction so it was great to stack them!!

And the last that I completed today is for a woman and as usual I couldn't resist adding some glitter! Who honestly hates glitter?? Ha Ha Ha, I will never hate glitter! Ever! Again I used my favorite color combination of deep red also known as rustic red and chocolate. Those two colors go hand in hand! You can never go wrong with chocolate strawberries! (Well, you can if you want to give them to me. I hate strawberries! ^.^)

For the glitter flowers I just drew up a simple flower with pencil then pulled out my Disney CARS childrens glitter glue pack and found a color that would complement the Deep Red and Chocolate!

**That's right I said Disney CARS glitter glue pack! I was looking at the clearance craft rack at Walmart and seen they had this craft set that was meant for kids. I had a ton of glitter glue in it, in all sorts of colors! All for only 10$ I grabbed it and happily rushed to the counter to pay for it! I love finding great deals for such useful things! And, yes, I do realise that they really aren't meant for paper crafting but they work amazingly well and are alot cheaper then most glitter glue that is meant for paper crafting. I don't care that every stick has pictures of McQueen and Mater, or how childish they look on my scrapbooking desk, they were cheap & they work and that is all that matters to me!!

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