Saturday, April 30, 2011

Autism Awareness 2011

Well today was the last day of Autism Awareness Month and I have been learning all about this complex disorder. It never surprises me how much this disorder can affect your life. I have an amazing niece with Autism and I wanted to show my support for her in the best way that I knew how to! So on the first day I made some fun and crazy layered flowers.

Then for the next 4 weeks I fallowed my Sister-in-Law's postings of Autism Facts of the Day and picked my favorite two. I also borrowed a few lines from her blog of Autism: The Good. With all of that put to the side I decided to make something that I have been dying to try! I love mini-albums! I just can never find a real life use for them so I never make them. Sad huh! Well this month I had the great idea to make one for my Sister-in-Law and my beautiful Niece! And because this month it was all about Earth Day and being Green I made this album out of Recycled goods. Such as every piece of paper I used was out of my scraps bag, and the album itself is made out of cleaned, disinfected, toilet paper rolls!! It was such a fun project and I just can't believe how easy it was to make it! But I guess I will stop talking about it and just show you my Pictures! Please Enjoy!

I know that many of you are probably wondering why there isn't any pictures in the mini-album. Well, here is what I have to say about that. The album is a gift, it was never my choice to put the photos in the album. But even without the pictures it sure does look amazing!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hopping for Photos!

Today was such a beautiful day here in Salt Lake and I just couldn't wait to get out there and take some great spring pictures! With the warm sun and the bright colors I couldn't go wrong with my camera out today!! On my walk around my home I looked for the bright happy colors of spring! Happy Easter Everyone! Here are my top pictures of today! I hope you enjoy them!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Birthday

As many of you know my Husband and I do not have huamn children (*yet*) but we do have wonderful, beautiful, and amazing fuzzy children. On thursday April 21st we celebrated out second youngest Daughter, Tia's, Birthday! She turned that glorious age of 3! I can't believe how many years have passed us by! I took the time to make her her very own and very special handmade card! It will end up in her Scrapbook when I scrap her birthday photos. I Love how it turned out and so did she!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Truly Knowing You

This page came together so well. I love all of the colors and how the simple page spoke for its self. Not to mention this picture of Tia was breath-taking!! Some of my favorite quote boxes are the ones that I do in shapes. In this page I did the sweet little butterfly in yellow to go along with the purple butterfly cut out. Its always a good feeling to finish a page thats come together perfectly!

Believe it or not animals can have favorite colors as well as colors that look perfect with them! Even if you have two short hair orange tabby's both male and the same age that doesn't mean that they like the same color of that they look great with the same color! Tia's favorite Color is white and the color that looks best with her is a light to medium purple! My Son Smokey's favorite color is Red but he looks best on green! And my little Valentine's favorite color is a bright pink and she looks best with all kinds of pink! Colors are so much fun to play with don't you think so?!

Monday, April 18, 2011

More and More Rain

Well, the rain picked up again and me and my faithful Sony Cyber Shot DSC-HX1 were out in it again trying to catch that purrfect shot. I took a lot of great shots earlier but this time I think I have found the actual purrfect shot! Take a look!!

This one I took inside my house through the window of our porch door. Cool Huh!

Because of Easter!

I love saving Holiday pictures that I want to scrapbook for the next year. I feel that printing off the photos and scrapbooking them right after the holiday is a bit of a drag. Mostly because you have just gone through a month of getting ready for that one major holiday and now you have to spend another week putting together all of these pages of pictures you took of the big event, I don't know about you but for me it seems like I get all Grr about the holiday and start feeling like, "if it never comes again it will be too soon." So I save all of those wonderful happy holiday photos for my crafting a year later.

At the beginning of the month of April I get excited about Easter and all the fun pastel colors that I love, which puts me in the mood to create pages including those great colors that go together so well. So instead of having birthday pictures filled with pastel colors and bunny stamps and stickers and rub ons I have all of the photos that I took last year to get on pages! Its a great way to stay in that happy holiday state and never stress if your favorite craft store has that big bunny sticker you need to finish your perfect page, because its Easter month and you know they have a ton of Bunny's, chicks, and eggs to help you complete your pages!

So these are our Easter Pages of last year that will be going into My Husband's and My Album! They aren't completely finished yet but I am excited about how they are turning out that I just had to show them to you! I still need to add the title and make a few tweek here and there.


I have actually seen a lot of renditions of this type of layout for all sorts of reasons to be torn about. Feeling a little down and out today I decided to due up my own rendition. It took me about a half hour of putting it all together and the Journaling. I think it turned out pretty great!

This is actually the very first time I have ever inked the edges of my pictures. I have inked the edges of just about everything, so feeling adventuress I attacked my picture with my favorite white ink pad!!

Rainy Day Pictures

I love finding one thing in a day that I just have to photograph! In this case it was the rain hitting the ground. It was so quiet out side, there wasn't any wind or people, not even birds. It was very peaceful. Normally I don't like things being so quiet but it was a very calming moment. So I grabbed my camera and found a place to sit and watch without getting wet. Mostly because I don't have a rain cover for my camera and I don't want it getting ruined. ^.^ So as I sat there for only about 5 minutes I got a few very amazing shots! I liked them so much I thought that I should share them here with all of you!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Before & After

So not very many people get to see my early albums, because I don't feel that they are amazing and I know I have better pages out there. But every one that has seen them just loves them and keep raving about how nice they truely are. I like them well enough not to change them but I would rather show off my "Wow" pages! Well any way, this is your lucky day. I will be posting one of my very very very first scrapbook pages, and then the after shot of it when I did take it apart and redue it! I love the after photo!!


So the meaning of this blog is just to state that we all have to start somewhere and it takes time to grow into your style and find your own groove!