Thursday, June 30, 2011

Think Link Thurday #3

Today is Thursday and that means I have the chance to share one of my fun and favorite blogs. This one goes out to Glorious Treats! She has some amazing and crazy cute ideas! I seriously love her blog and have used a few of her fun treat ideas! So share the love and stop by her blog! =)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Western Woman!

I am happy to announce that today I had the opportunity to photograph a lovely western woman! Talk about strong and fearless! I love these shots and I am so happy to have had this chance! Are you ready to see my Picture Picks?? We took a total of 21 photos but only kept 17 shots. I have picked my fave 5 to show off here on the blog! You can also see them on my Facebook page. Thanks for joining me today for this fun chance to show off how far my photography has come!

Thank you all for joining me and please have a happy crafty Tuesday!

New Bows!

I have been reading up on new hair bow designs and decided to just take the leap and try some of them out for myself. =) So after receiving my shipment of JUST CLAY and so much more items I decided to get started.

The first bow I have to show you is made with 2 different types and sizes of ribbon. The base is made from a thick silk multicolor paw print ribbon! One of my favorite ribbons ever! Then on top of that is a thin loop ribbon in pale yellow. Then to top it all of is a twisted butterfly embellishment from JUST CLAY. It originally had a butterfly bead in the center of it but I carefully removed it and used a pearl brad which I feel better fits the look I was going for. (Although, I might change the butterfly out for the adorable lady bug. Might work better with the colors.) I had to modify the brad a bit to get it to fit the butterfly without ruining it. I am glad to say that I have done it! =) It turned out super crazy cute!!! Are you ready to see it?

Then I tried another variation of this bow using two thin ribbons, lime green and purple. Again it turned out very cute! I used another fabulous embellishment from JUST CLAY to top it off and complete my wonderful bow! =) How adorable!

Monday, June 27, 2011

More about JUST CLAY

So as you all know a while back I won some great products from JUST CLAY and so much more on Facebook. I got all of the items I won completely for free! Which was totally awesome! I was so excited the day they arrived! Saddly though, durring shipping both items were damaged. =( This made me so horribly sad. I contacted Elizabeth at JUST CLAY to see what I would need to do to get the items fixed. She gladly told me to just send everything back to her and she would pay shipping costs to get the items back and replace them. Today I am very glad to say that the items have found their way back to me safe and sound and are amazing!!!
(I did however have the chance to change my winning hair bow for some embelishments, I make my own bows now and would love to make some using her amazing products.) She was so nice about the whole situation and shipped everything promptly! Are you ready to see my wonderful items??

Manic Challenge Monday #3

Fun and Fabulous Manic Challenge Monday! Today's challenge comes from a few different blogs. First up is the layout of the card which comes from Mojo Monday Blog! ( Be sure to stop by and check out their blog but to make things a little easier for this posting I am going to post their challenge. =)

"Happy Monday, Mojo friends! How's your summer treating you? It's been super busy around here, so this week we've got a simple sketch for you. Feel free to dress it up or dress it down to your heart's content. The ribbon, flower and rounded corners are simply embellishment suggestions. We just hope you're able to find a pocket of "ME" time amidst the busyness of summer activities to play along! Since it's the last week of the month, we like to mix things up and focus on non-traditional sized cards, so we've given you a Round or Square option. Try a round card, a square card or both if you're feeling really inspired!!."

I choose the square card for my project. I have never made a round card so I decided to do my tried and true. =) I might still try a rounded card today, not sure. I also decided to use the color challenge from Stamp Something *A weekly challenge blog* ( Again, to make things easier I will post their challenge here. Don't forget to stop by their blog as well. =)

"This week we'd like to CELEBRATE the end of June and beginning of July with a little RED, WHITE AND BLUE!! So celebration cards, 4th of July cards or anything really....just celebrate something and use red, white and blue to do it!!!"

It seems like just about every blog I found that was holding a new challenge is doing something red white and blue! I love Independence Day, Proud to be an American! So I was glad to see so many challenges including these special colors!

Great Challenges today! Thanks for joining me again for another Manic Challenge Monday!
~Virginia E.
((Remember, if you can't live without this card it is up for sale as a pre-made ready to order item. This card is a 3$ purchase and yes as always that does include the shipping and packaging costs.))

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reach for the Stars

Another great pre-made card for sale! Today I had fun with my new stamp set once again. I used the Reach for the Stars Giraffe stamp from the set Animal Crackers by Stampin UP. I also used the filler stamp from my Halloween Frights set by Stampin UP. It turned out super cute! I love this card!

Reach for the Stars Red White & Blue. This is a 3$ card and yes that includes the shipping and packaging costs. =) So what do you say; wanna pay?

Please E-Mail ( me if you would like to order this card or any others. Thank you all so much!

Sunny Sunday Photos #1

Well, today is the first day since I have changed my photography day from Friday to Sunday. This is just an easier day for me. More calm. Thank you all for understanding! =) Are you ready to see what I took photos of today!

Nothing too fancy but still some nice shots! I think I have photographed everything in my area. I need to find new and close places to shoot. =) Hopefully next time I will have something new and fun and most deffinately different!
Thanks again for joining me today for Sunny Sunday Photography.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I know, I know, Yesterday was supposed to be Photogenic Friday and I missed it. I think I am going to move Photogenic Friday to Sunday. Fridays in this house are just too hectic with the Hubby around and it being payday. There's just too much to do and not enough hours in the day. So expect a Sunny Sunday Photo tomorrow. I'm sorry for the change but at least then I won't miss one! =)

Moving on. . .
I have 4 cards that are ready to order! Pre-made and awaiting you to order them! I will be showing pictures of them along with their prices. All prices include shipping and packaging costs. What do you say; are you ready to pay? (*Lori, you still have a credit for a free card of your choice which will be expiring at the end of next month.*)

First up is my Black Monkey Card from last monday's Manic Challenge Monday.
You can own this crazy cute card for the low price of 2.50$

Next up is my Red Monkey Card meant for a husband or wife/girlfriend or boyfriend. You can own this amazingly fun card for just 3$!

Next up is a lovely NUTS about YOU Card!! I love how cute this card is! You can order this card for the low low price of just 3$!

Have a new Baby on the Way? Let this card show your love for that new Bundle of Joy for just 2$

WOOT WOOT! Or should I say Hoot? For the low price of just 3$ you can order this great for any occasion owl card!

We also have a crazy adorable Soar Card with a small 3D effect! This card is 3.50$ but it is so worth it!!! It says "When I'm with you ..." on the outside and on the inside it says "My Heart takes Flight" how purrfect is that!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Think Link Thurday #2

WoW! Thursday again already?? I have a fun Blog to share with you all today.
Its called Mommy Scraps! She does such fun and amazing projects of all kinds! (Kind of like me! Ha Ha Ha) I love all of her postings and get very excited to see updates from her! So please show the love and follow her and gain Creative Knowledge! =)

It really is a fun place for creativity to grow! Thanks again for stopping by.
Have a Happy Crafty Day! See you tomorrow for Photogenic Friday!

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Stamp Fun!

Also, today I had some fun making a set of 7 gift tags that will hopefully go into Indigo Candles 1,000 Fan Giveaway on Facebook. I am awaiting a reply from her stating that I am a sponsor. (Crossing my Fingers!) If accepted, you must be a fan on my Facebook Page to be eligible to win. I used my Fox & Friends Stamp set from Stampin UP to make these fun tags. I hope that you enjoy them! If not please leave me comments on how I can improve on them! This is my first attempt at making gift tags so I am always very open on how to improve! Thanks! =)
Well, are you ready to see them?

Thanks for reading and I hope that you all are having a happy crafty day! =)

JUST CLAY Giveaway

My dear friend over at JUST CLAY and so much more is hosting a wonderful giveaway for her fans and I was selected as a sponsor! I originally was going to give one of my Disk Arts for this giveaway but chose to do something a little more fun! I have decided to donate a mini chipboard album to her giveaway! Be sure to check her out on Facebook at
Are you ready to see the pictures?? You do have to be a fan of my Facebook Account
to be eligible for this item and you do have to pay shipping costs. =)