Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Holiday Disk order!

My wonderful up cycled disk art is really making waves and I got a great order of 6 for a dear business friend. She ordered these six for family and friends and ornament swaps this holiday season. I went with the idea that "Less really is more!" I did this because I got some really beautiful paper for the background and wanted to make sure that it shined as much as the beautiful sentiments that she has chosen for them. These are the 6 that I made for her!
If you are interested in a disk art for your home or for a friend please e-mail me at:

Thanks again for stopping by this holiday season!
~Virginia E.

A Purrfect Christmas Order #2

A little over two weeks ago I got the wonderful opportunity to take pictures of a woman and her beloved Horse. It was fun and cold! They looked great and had a lot of fun. The horses Santa Hat makes me laugh every time I see it! What a great thing to have on in a Christmas Photo! These photos were taken for the main purpose of Photo Christmas Cards.
All the pictures turned out beautifully! She chose the first two on the top row for her Christmas purposes! They are my favorite as well!

Her Christmas cards were a little tricky though, I tried to use a boot as the accent, I tried a lasso, and cowboy hat, they all looked a little weird to say the least. In the end we both decided on a small fun red barn. Her quote is really cute as well and goes perfectly with the barn! The quote that she chose to go inside the card is "Seasons Greetings from our Barn to your's!" Cute right! These are the cards that I came up with for her very large order of 20 cards!
Thank you for stopping by to enjoy another wonderful order!
~Virginia E.

A Purrfect Christmas Order

A few posts back I showed you a very beautiful photos that I got to take of a very wonderful little family!

The intended purpose of these photos was to put in their Christmas Cards which I also had the privilege to make! I had so much fun making them! They asked for an order of 15 and that's just what they got! It was a lot of hard work but it really paid off!

For those photos I also got to make the pretty little bows that you see in the two young girls hair!
It was a large order but it was so amazing to work on! Everything went together so well and both the pictures and the cards turned out beautiful! The little bows were so easy and fun to make as well! What a great order!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying a fun quick post!
~Virginia E.

We need to Catch Up

My Oh My! It has been forever since I last Updated my poor Blog! So now I have the fun task of catching you up on everything that I have been working on.

First though, let me start of by explaining to you about the past few Inspiration Monday posts. I have tried and tried and tried again to create more amazing cards for the amazing Challenge Blogs but unfortunately I have fallen so short of my overall standards for cards so I have just thrown them away. Its not that the challenges haven't been beyond inspirational or challenging enough, its just that my stress levels have been so high that it shows through in my work. Kind of like the philosophy of "angry cooking." If you cook while you are angry or upset the food always comes out tasting terrible! So this is somewhat applied to my card making and crafting this past month and a half. It is just really hard to concentrate when your upstairs neighbor is always jumping around, they never sleep, work, or go to school! Its none stop and most of the time drives me to sit and read in my car. (I'm really telling the truth about that. Just today I was forced from my home at 5pm and decided to come back in at about 6:48pm just to listen to the thumping and jumping again.) On top of having to deal with that with little help from management I have to see a Chiropractor 3 times a week for the next 3 months due to a auto collision that took my working car and forced me to pick up and hunk of junk car that has cast me a small fortune to try and keep on the road. The stress just keep building and building. **Sorry, I am beginning to whine and complain. Sorry about that. Moving on!

So I just haven't been able to get my head in the game for the Inspiration Monday posts. I am really sorry about that and hopefully I can kick things back into gear and give you the followers and fan of my Blog the fun Challenges again soon!

I have also been really busy working on a few large orders. In the past month I have had an order of 15 photo cards, one photo session, 2 hair bows, then another photo session, an order of 20 cards, and a order of prints, then a fun disk art order! I have actually been really really busy from all of that! =) Its been nice though. After doing all of that I even felt relaxed enough that I could finish a 12x12 Scrapbook page.

Alright, now to move on to the fun stuff! Showing off the Orders! Check out the next post for the first!
~Virginia E.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Inspirati♥n Monday

Hello All! I am here on time to start the fun with a brand new Inspirati♥n Monday! Today I have decided to join the CPS Team for their sketch. All of the Teams Designs were just amazing! I especially love the photo of "The Most Wonderful Time" by Angie Hagist. I love the way that card turned out! Perfect Colors as well! Seeing all these hard works of art I decided to jump in and try it out. Since Thanksgiving is right around the Corner I decided to make a Kindness/Thank You card in the wonderful yellow and brown fall colors.

This was the Sketch over at CPS - Card Sketches

This is what I have come up with.
Cute don't you think?
~Virginia E.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Again to the DI

I love going to thrift stores especially our local DI! This time at the DI while wondering around the ??Craft?? section, if you can really call it that. Its really just where I pile up all the binders and sewing patterns and clip boards, but, if you are lucky enough that is usually where you find the Scrapbooking and paper craft items. I hit the JACKPOT this time! Usually when you find things at the DI they have been opened and used and items are missing, this trip I found 5 amazing items that have never been opened! I couldn't believe my eyes! I had to stop myself from jumping for joy, seriously! The first item that I found was a complete set of crush pink chip board letters by Lush! Just under that was a brand new in perfect condition Stampin' Up Rub On set! Then after I had picked that up I saw just the corner of a red label. I moved the binder that was on top of it and got so excited I almost screamed again! I was a Pink Paislee Sweetness Rub On set that had never been opened or messed with and stuck to the back of it was a Basic Grey Wholly Cow! Rub On set that had never been used! Very pleased and excited by my find I decided to leave the isle before I freaked out, at the end of the isle I saw a small letter sticker and decided to investigate. The top package was opened and used but the one under that in perfect condition! Who doesn't love the Memory Makers Creative Letters sticker sets! So many uses! It was like digging for gold, totally worth it!
I love finding great products like these! For all of this I only paid 3.75$!!! It was an amazing find and I can't wait to go back to the DI and see what other treasures I can find under the grime!
~Virginia E.

Christmas Photos

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to take a wonderful family of 5 out for their Christmas photos. They chose to be outside and they wanted to make sure that there was snow on the ground. So after waiting for a month and a half a full flat of snow came here to Utah and we jumped at the chance to get their Pictures! It was so cold that we were only out there about 20-25 minutes and only got about 8 shots, but apparently that was all we needed! I got a total of 4 shots worth keeping and the Customers seem very happy with what we have come up with. I am going to share with you the top two that I absolutely love!! I can't wait to get them over to the customers and let them pick out the best photo for them and their Christmas Cards! (You will notice the bows on the cute little girls? Seem familiar? Yup, I made those especially for this photo session! Don't they look adorable on those beautiful little girls!)
I absolutely love the little winter pants on the baby! How cute! Everyone was cold but the mood stayed light and that really helped make these photos what they are. The love this family shares is clearly shown here in these photos! A HUGE thanks to this family for letting Pawsitively Purrfect Memories help make their Christmas Shine!
~Virginia E.

Digital Word Art

I have always wanted to make my own digital word art for the holidays. I have seen this Technique used 100s of times and I always think to myself I should make one of my very own. Happy to say that I have finally gotten around to making my very own Thanksgiving Digital Word Art!
I originally opened up a paint document and used the extra large brush tool and drew a pumpkin. (I thought that a Turkey might be a little to hard to draw on the computer.)

Once I was happy with the look of my pumpkin drawing I opened up the Font section and picked a font style and color that I was happy with. I had about 7 words and 3 colors that I planned on repeating to make up this word art. After about an hour of resizing and playing with placement I was happy with the way it looked.

 I then switched it over to the eraser and started erasing the pumpkin out line and the letters that went over. In the end I ended up with this and I can't be more happy to show it off! **I am sure that there is an easier way of doing this but this is how I thought to do it. =)
Is that great or what!!! I am planning on making a few Christmas as well. For Christmas I have chosen to do a Christmas Tree, a Snowman, and an ornament! I can't wait to share all of those with you as well!
~Virginia E.

Peace and Beauty

Hello all! I am so excited about sharing with you my latest bows! Lets talk about the first one that I made, well, its actually a pair of identical bows for a Customer's Photo Session (Which you will see photos from, but that comes later!) For their Photo Session they chose Red as the main color so I came up with matching bows for their two very beautiful little girls. I went with a Clip Back on one and a crochet headband for the other, only because of their ages. I used Red Satain Ribbon for the base and 3rd layer, a fun white poinesetta designed ribbon for a touch of flair in the middle and to top it all of I added a sheer white roset. These hair bows turned out beautifully, they looked even better on the little girls then I could have ever hoped!
 Isn't that just darling!

Next to show off is a fun and funky 4" hair bow with a total of 4 ribbon layers and a silk flower! I got this ribbon as a gift and I couldn't wait to make a bow with it! This is one of my Favorite hair bows ever!
The bottom layer of ribbon is a small sized sheer bright yellow, next is the wide faded multi-color satain ribbon, then a medium multi-colored peace sign ribbon, and to finish off the ribbon a medium deep blue! Then I chose a small pink silk flower to hid in the center of all the comotion with a bright green brad! This bow has so much personality its unbelieveable!

Thanks for stopping by!
~Virginia E.

WoW! Catching up!

OK, so as most of you know I was involved in an Auto Collision about 2 weeks ago, these past two week have been so hard on my husband and I and things have just slipped away from me. I am here to catch you up on the happenings here. I have two missed Inspiration Mondays that I will post in the same post with photos, I have fun new Finds at my DI (Deseret Industries), new Hair Bows, and even a Photo Session! I also have a digital art that I made and what I am planning on making next!

So first up lets talk about those Inspiration Monday posts. Two weeks ago I found that I really liked the challenge of the CPS Sketch and took it for a spin. I used darker colors, or as some would say the more traditional colors. (Brown, Green, Red, Beige)
I love the colors that I chose for the Flower, I feel it really helped the card pop.
Again, this card was made for the CPS Challenge of 11-07-11. I never got it entered but at least I made the card and found that I really like that sketch.

Next is the Inspiration Monday of 11-14-11 for this challenge I chose the Mojo Monday Card Sketch. I really didn't find anything that inspiring so I went with a Sketch to see if I could get my juices flowing. Turns out that a terrible week trumps creativity. So this is what I ended up with from the Card Sketch.

The snowmen are from a set of very out dated Punch outs but I still love them, they are adorable!

That's really all I have to say about these two cards, they are not my best works but they are still nice in their own way and I hope to be back tomorrow in full stride for an all new Inspiration Monday!
Thank you to all of you for being patient with me while I recover and get back on my feet.
~Virginia E.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bargain Savvy-November

I actually have some amazing Bargains to share with you all today! In the past week I have received 90 4x6 photo prints and 1,000 1" x 2 5/8" labels completely FREE! I also picked up two design scissors and a sandwich bag full of premade Ribbon flowers for only 2$! Are you ready to see what and how I got all this great stuff for so Cheap?

Lets start with the items that actually cost me money. As usual I took a quick trip to my Local DI (Deseret Industries) in search of Scrapbook bargains. They usually don't have the items that I am looking for since its a donation center and not an actual store but sometimes they have amazing items for sale and this was one of those day! I picked up two decorative scissors, one is a mini stamp cut and the other is a small scallop cut. Fun and I didn't have either! These in the stores near me normally cost 1.99-2.99$ a piece! I bought them for .50 cents each and since this is a donation center they do not charge tax, only a flat rate. I also found a regular sized sandwich baggie filled with premade ribbon flowers/roses. It was filled to the top with these ribbon flowers/roses in a wide array of colors. I picked this up for only 1.00$ and got over 100 little ribbon flowers/roses! I don't have a standard cost for these but I'm sure that its a deal! A steal really. So for total I received all of this for 2$ exactly!

I also had a great coupon from Office Depot for 10$ any print and copy center purchase. So I went in to visit a few friends and to place my order for 1,000 black and white labels. I chose the size 1" x 2 5/8" because it is what fits my needs. This size is normally associated with return address labels. *Depending on your location you may have to pay for the labels and they will print on them for you. This coupon is only good for the next few days. I chose black and white because they are only .10 cents a print where as color costs .59 cents for each print. (BIG Difference!)

Now on to how I got 90 4x6 photo prints for free this past week to week and a half. I signed up for a new Walgreens photo account online just because they are doing amazing deals for 4x6 photo prints and since that is what I normally use in my Scrapbooks it seemed like the smart thing to do. I received 3 free coupon codes from Walgreens in my e-mail! The first was a code for 40 FREE 4x6 prints. I ordered online and asked for in store pick up because that is free! My whole order was completely FREE! I didn't pay a cent! A few days later I received a new coupon code for 25 FREE 4x6 prints. Again I opted for in store pick up which made my whole order completely FREE! Then, just a few days later I received another amazing 25 FREE 4x6 prints coupon code!! I ordered online and chose in store pick up and got it all completely FREE!!!! So, that is a grand total of 90 completely free 4x6 photo prints! These are the coupon codes that I used, they might just work for you! *But you can only use them once per account.
DRUGSTORE40 = 40 free prints
FREE4X6 = 25 free prints
FORU25 = 25 free prints

Good Luck in your frugal adventures!
~Virginia E.

Spook-tacular Treats

For Halloween I made some special grab bag style treats for the little crew of special Goblins and Ghouls that I got to hang out with Halloween night. I chose to do a fun Frankenstein, a funky Vampire, and the crazy Mummy! These were so easy and fun to make! I used my faithful Cricut to cut out 4 little bags two in dark green and two in a light tan card stock. Then I drew choppy hair on purple paper for the Frankenstein. A widows brow for the Vampires hair. Then I used the scraps from the light tan paper to create the Mummy's bandages, I used my brown/bronze ink and a sponge to create the dirty aged look of the bandages. I picked out large googly eyes & Matching Ribbon for the little grab bags. For Frankensteins & the Vampires nose I cut a 1" circle and cut it in half and inked it so that it would stand out on the face. For the mouths I just used my favorite pen and just drew them on! See, so so so easy and fun! I love watching the little creatures come to life!
Super cute right!!!! I love them all so much but I think the little Mummy is my Favorite!
Thanks for stopping by and have a great Holiday Season!
~Virginia E.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspirati♥n Monday

Hello to all of you wonderful Crafters!! I have a very fun little post for you today on this happy Holiday!

As usual for Mondays it is time for my Inspirati♥n Monday post and today I am having fun over at Stamptacular Sunday Challenge! With a bonus of playing over at the ABC Christmas Challenge Blog again for their V is for Vintage!

The Stamptacular Sunday Challenge is Boarders and/or Frames.
"For this weeks challenge you will create any card that includes at least one border and/or frame on it! Oh…and don’t forget to stamp! After all, we don’t call this STAMPtacular for nothing!"

Then over at the ABC Christmas Challenge is V is for Vintage.
They are asking for simple and Vintage looking or inspired cards!

This is what I have come up with for these two lovely challenges!
Thanks for taking the time on this busy holiday to stop by! Be sure to have a very safe and happy Halloween!
~Virginia E.

All Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween from me to you! Have fun and be extra safe out there tonight!!! =)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo Christmas

Hello! Today I have a fun little post about a fun little Penguin Photo Card. Originally I made this as a Christmas Sample for an up coming card order but they have chosen the very adorable Reindeer's over these super cuddly Penguins! Well, Are you ready to take a peek at the card?

The photo is a close up shot my my surprise Mother's Day Bouquet. These pink roses were so beautiful! I took like a hundred pictures of them! Ha Ha Ha Well, that's all I have for you today. Sorry it was such a short post. I will see you tomorrow for in weekly Inspiration Monday post.
~Virginia E.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Craft Monkey

I just wanted to share with you the Craft Monkey's Blog Anniversary! She got a great giveaway to help her celebrate!

The Craft Monkey Says.....

"It's My 1st Bloggerversary!

Well I'm a bit late with this but hey better late than never!  I can't believe it, I've been Blogging
for over 1 year and have come such a long way, 2 blog challenges under my belt, 3 DT places and lots of blog pals which is brilliant!  I thought it would be nice to celebrate!  So here is my Bloggerversary Candy
for you, share with your friends if you wish too!  What do you have to do to be in with a
chance of winning the goodies?  Well first you need to follow my blog,
pop a picture of my candy in your side bar,  link back to my blog
then you need to leave your name with
Mr Linky! Good luck you Crafty Monkeys the candy will run until 11th November!
Hugs Woo xxx
21 x 12x12 Papers
1 Bag of Mixed Ribbons (different lengths)
3 Promarker Fine Tips
3 Glitter Sticks
2 Embellishment packs
1 Mounted Wooden Sentiment
3 Clear Stamp Sets (Fairies/Pets/Fellas)
1 pack of Cream Roses
1 Pack of Blue Roses"

Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspirati♥n Monday

Hello to all of you wonderful Happy Crafters! Today is Monday so that means that I have another Inspirati♥n Monday to share with all of you! Today I am joining all the fun over at ABC a Christmas Challenge Blog. They are an awesome little blog that does a fun challenge in the form of ABC's to help you get ready for Christmas! How great is that!

This weeks challenge is.....
'U is for Unused Stash'

We want to you use something that you haven't used before on your projects this can be something you've been saving for a special know...only taking it out occasionally to admire/stroke...or something you've just bought...there are lots of lovely new Christmas collections being released at the moment...or maybe there's something in your stash that you have for absolutely ages but have never got around to is your chance!
Fun right! I'm always finding stuff that has been long forgotten about. How very sad right?! Well, here is my forgotten Stash that I used to make my wonderful card! *Which actually works out well for an upcoming order I have! =)
I got the paper stack two whole years ago and I have actually never used the paper out of it, I ended up saving it for last year Christmas projects but then bought another Christmas Stack that was released and on clearance. Then, I bought the Cricut Cartridge a while back and to be honest I don't think that I have ever used it. Isn't that terrible! I love my Cricut and use it all the time, I can't believe that this Cartridge went untouched this long! So I pulled out all of the works and this is what I have come up with!

Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to stop by the ABC Christmas Challenge Blog! They'd love to have you!
~Virginia E.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Murray Park

Well hello there all you purrfect crafty people! I'm here to share with all of you a wonderful array of nature based pictures from my little adventure yesterday. I went out to the post office but it was closed, I had missed it by half an hour, don't you absolutely hate when that happens! I know I do! Well, I decided to stop by Murray Park and try to find more fall trees, but sadly they haven't made up their mind either. So most of them are over watered and turning that bright lime green rather then yellow, orange, and red. I did however get some amazing shots of the Little Cotton Wood Creek that runs through the Park. Also, some very vibrant flowers! Are you ready to see them? I thought they were fun!
Thanks a million for stopping by! Be sure to have a wonderfully purrfect day!
~Virginia E.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall in Utah

Hello again my dear Readers! Today was such a beautiful day here in Utah, I just had to get out for some wonderful crisp fall air and photos! Unfortunately, most of the trees here in Utah can't decide whether its actually fall or still summer. So a lot of the trees and flowers are still green, some have yellowed, and other have just died. There are a few that have decided that it really is October and that its time to bring on that wonderful fall charm! I took a total of 13 photos and only ended up keeping 7 of them. These are my top picks from my pictures of today! You will see a perfect example of the tree confusion in my photos.
Thanks for stopping by!
Be sure to stop by and check out the fun on the Facebook Page! I am holding an Auction for old product and new items that have never been used!
The Auction and the Giveaway will be closing on the 21st so be sure to get your votes in!

~Virginia E.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspirati♥n Monday

Welcome back for a wonderful Inspirati♥n Monday Challenge post! Today I am playing along with the fabulous Mojo Monday Blog and The Cutie Pie Challenge Blog!

The Mojo Monday Blog is showing off a new sketch to help get the creative juices flowing!
What a great Sketch! I love all they layers!
I found that the card that I wanted to make today for Mojo Monday somewhat followed the wonderful Challenge over at the Cutie Pie Challenge Blog! Today's Recipe is:  

Lilac/Silver Tones
Fairy Image
3 Buttons/Flowers
What a wonderful Challenge right! A true thinker!
This is what I have come up with.
What a fun and happy Christmas card! Gotta love that Fairy!
Thanks a million for stopping by and don't forget to stop by the lovely challenge blogs as well!

~Virginia E.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bargain Savvy!

Well Hello again! This is a post that I am hoping to be able to add to as the days and weeks go on. This past week I had the chance to enjoy an hour long walk through a Roberts Arts & Crafts store! While in there I noticed that they had some amazing deals going on! I only had 5$ and knew that I couldn't spend even a penny more so I went hunting through their bargains and their ad for possible coupons that I could use. I found two 50% off coupons that would save me 50% off any regular priced item in the store! I really wanted to get some more patterned ribbon to make bows with, unfortunately I had just missed their huge Premium Ribbon sale that made the all .99 cents, originally 1.99$. So I decided that I would buy two spools of floral ribbon and with my 50% off coupons I got them both for the price of one!
Later I found the Bo Bunny Cling Stamps section and found the most amazing stamp quote and I just had to have it! I am happy to say that it was on sale for 1.35$ originally 4.99$ Amazing right!
Then I went off to my favorite section of any store, Clarence! In that section I picked up 3 12x12 deluxe sheets of Patterned Card Stock for a grand total of .54 cents!

On my way out I found an ink spot from G*Studio in Silver! I've never seen a silver Ink Pad so I snatched it up! It cost me only .69 cents!
My grand total with tax and everything was only 4.88$! I stayed within Budget and got awesome stuff!
Know of any great deals out there in the Paper Craft World? E-Mail me and I will be more then happy to share the deal with all of my wonderful followers! Remember to always be Bargain Savvy when shopping in your favorite Craft Store!
~Virginia E.

Christmas Blessings

Remember that 12x12 Scrapbook album that I found yesterday? Well I made the front cover into a Halloween Wall Art/Photo frame. Today I spent some time working on a Christmas Wall Art/Photo Frame! It turned out great! I stuck with original Christmas Colors because I love how well Green and Red really go together!

So first I started out with a 12x12 Green Fabric album.
Then after spending about 15 minutes deciding between papers I went with two patterned papers from the 2010 Christmas Collection from DWVC and a plain medium green scrap of Card stock.
After selecting my warm and cozy papers I decided on ribbon and buttons and the attached it all to the 12x12 Album Cover. Then I pulled out three more photo album sheets to make sure that I could change the photos with ease so that I can always show off my favorite and current photos!
I had to think for a while about what kind of title I wanted to put on the frame. First I had decided on Hope, then Peace, but finally I decided on Blessings which I think is Purrfect! I cut it out in a cursive font and inked it with a white ink pad so that it would look a touch like snow and I am so glad that this worked out as well as it did. I also added some small clear gems to add that dazzle of a true Christmas snow!
After all of that I selected my Photos, which are from way back in 2006, and yes, I know one it the wrong way but I don't have any printed out that are vertical. Hee Hee.

Well, that's all it took! And now I have a beautiful Christmas Frame that is always ready to change!
Thanks for stopping by to enjoy my Blog! I hope that you all find time to be Crafty!
~Virginia E.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Halloween Decoration

Hello all! I know I have been a little absent this past week but I just haven't felt that inspired, but I am very sure that I have pushed myself over that horrible hill now!

So for about a month now I have been trying to create special Halloween decorations for my home since I really don't have any decorations for Halloween or Fall and I decided that this year I wanted to make some. So for the past month I have been trying out different styles and different methods to create some fun Halloween items. Sadly, it seemed like every attempt failed. I hated everything I made so I just stopped. About a week has gone by with nothing. To try and get myself more motivated I decided to tidy up my Scrap Space, which usually works and this time was no different. While cleaning up my space I found an old fabric 12x12 Scrapbook album that I don't even remember buying. Then an idea hit me like a ton of bricks! I have decided to take the album apart and make the front and the back of the album into a changeable Halloween and Christmas wall art. Are you ready to see the wonderful Halloween Decoration I have made?

So this is what it started out as....

Then I chose a few fun Halloween themed prints to decorate the plain fabric album cover. After I added the paper and spider ribbon I thought for a while about how I would like to attach and remove the photos since I do want to be able to change the photos every year to keep it up to date. I have a photo album that is expandable so you can add and remove photo pages as needed so I took a few of those out and cut them down to what I needed. =)
The title took me a bit of thought. I wanted something fun and funky so I found some bright orange letter punch outs and decided that they should look like pumpkins. So I dug out my orange colored pencil and my favorite Le Pen and took about 20 minutes to get all the letters just the way I wanted! And, I only wasted two letters! Awesome right! Then after that I added my fun hanger. I added three orange buttons and black ribbon as my hanger! It all turned out great! Except when I cut the extra flap off the cover I cut it too short and I ended up having to tap it to make it secure again. **So be sure that if you would like to try this out you actually pay attention to where you are cutting unlike me!

Then once it was all decorated and ready to go I added my selected pictures!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you have enjoyed my little walk through! Be sure to have a Happy Crafty Day!
~Virginia E.