Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Sad Day

I have decided to close out the Pawsitively Purrfect Memories Facebook account. Our lovely little shop is just too little right now to have the use for Facebook, or even to be able to gain more use out of a Facebook account. Saddly this also means that the Facebook Lucky Me Giveaway has ended with no winner.

We did have one person join us on Facebook, and for that one person we are giving her a free card, the card will be of her choice, any card, any color, any occasion. So congrats to Lori! Please e-mail me at with details of the card you need. Thank you for joining us on Facebook.

I do plan to hold another Lucky Me Giveaway, but this time it will be larger at least 5 winners with great prizes! I will be posting this giveaway soon with all the details needed to win! Thanks again for joining me for this sad posting.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Work in Progress

I totally have loved the idea of Chipboard Mini Albums from the first time I ever picked up a Scrapbooking Magazine! They are amazing and just make the best gifts ever! Unfortunately I am a Dollar Store Crafter. Very rarely do I pay over 3$ for any craft project. I always check out Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and of course my DI (Deseret Industries) for anything I need, including storage systems, paper, stamps, stickers, and odd embellishments! I also carefully watch for the sales at my local Roberts Arts & Crafts, Joanns Fabric Store, and Micheal's! I don't like ordering online so I really never do that. I probably miss out on a lot of great deals but that's ok. I get by just fine by doing what I'm doing! And as we all know chipboard Mini albums are on the more expensive side of things so I have never had the luxery of buying one. Until about 3 weeks ago, I was at the DI and was so excited to see that they had a huge stack of chipboard Cog mini albums from Stampin' UP!!! I'm not sure what year they are from but they are amazing! And super cute! I bought 4 of them at .50 cents a piece! What a steal! I originally bought them to give as gifts for Father's Day but what I had planned just isn't going to work out so I have decided to use them to celebrate my children! I am working on my oldest right now and I have pictures for you to enjoy as well! They don't have my logo on them so please do not steal them, use them for inspiration only. Thank you.
This is what my Mini Album looked like before I dug into my project!

I love the Cog! I really wish I had some clock work stamps! They would've looked awesome on this!

My oldest is Smokey (Male age 9) so I chose darker colors and boxy patterns. They totally match his personality! What a fun project!

That's only half the album! I am loving how it is all coming together!! I will post pictures of the finished product very soon! Thanks again for reading and have a very Happy Paper Crafting Day! Don't forget to stop by our Facebook and become a fan to be entered into special Lucky Me Giveaways!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Alright, upon the new arrival of our Facebook page I am starting off the Luck Me Giveaway! All you have to do to win is to help me reach 10 likes on the Facebook page! Each like gets an entry and you can get double entries by linking this blog to your Facebook account and getting the word out there that I am here! Thanks again to all of you lovely readers out there!

Are you ready to know what you can win? I am excited to say that because we are so close to Father's day I will be giving away one of my Father's day cards!!! You will get your choice of one out of the six beautiful designs and the matching envelope! To see the cards please check out the archive to view all six cards and I will be posting pictures of the matching envelopes tomorrow!

There will be a larger prize coming soon to help me reach 100 LIKES so look for that listing soon! Thanks again!
{My giveaway image was brought to you by SHABBY Check them out for some awesome free stuff!!}

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I can't believe it! I won! I never win! Elizabeth Clay at JUST CLAY and so much more was having a 400 fan giveaway and I entered it to win some of her amazing prizes and guess what! I won! I still can't believe it!

JUST CLAY and so much more is owned by Mrs. Clay and her creations are just amazing! She makes the most amazing headbands and bows and even bow holders using clay, ribbons, and gems! Her work is just super cute!

{The pictures that I am about to show you were taken by Elizabeth and are copy righted soul to JUST CLAY and so much more. I do not take any credit for them and I do not claim that they are my own works of art}.

This first picture I am going to show you is one of her simple bow holders. I love this holder but you really should look at all of her products because they are amazing and as cute as it gets!

I love pink and green! What a great combo! She also makes amazing Cake Toppers! Really you will need to check out her amazing shop!

Next up I am going to show you a picture of what I bought with my special gift of 3$ that I won in a Friday the 13th giveaway she was holding about a week ago! I love that she has giveaways for fun dates! She said that she was doing that giveaway just because she likes that date! How fun is that! I had alot of items to go through to decide what I was going to spend my credit on, once I saw this headband I just had to have it! I can not wait to find it hiding in my mail box!

This one is not mine but it is a clearer picture of what mine looks like! I just love these headbands! Mine was the first and now everyone wants them so hurry on over to JUST CLAY and so much more to get one of your own! She does make them in any colors you want! You'll love the ease of ordering!

Last but not least in the 400 fan giveaway she had a large amount of items for her giveaway and you just had to comment on the pictures of the items you wanted after agreeing to her terms. There were about 4 items that I was really crossing my fingers for and guess what!!! I WON!!!! I won the cutest Ladybug hair clip! This item is made up from red, white, and blue ribbon, clay, and gemstones! I love it and can't wait until it arrives!

You can find her facebook account at!/pages/JUST-CLAY-and-so-much-more/187071131310699
If you would like to order from her please contact me and I will get her e-mail address out to you. (The reason I am doing that is because I want to make sure every time that it is OK to give out her e-mail address.)
Hurry on over there to check out her amazing products! I promise that you will not be disappointed and you just might find that perfect gift!
Thank you for reading and please have a Happy Paper Crafting day!

Like Me?

I am so happy to anounce the arival of our Facebook page! I have spent a great deal of time going through my pictures and selecting the best ones to show off to the world. I have added a facebook button to the right side of my page so if you have a facebook account you can become a fan and be entered into extra facebook "Lucky Me" giveaways! Help me share my love of Paper Crafts to the world! Thank you all for your support! I hope for all of you to enjoy the good weather today and have a Paper Crafting Day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lucky Me

Today I got started on a special gift for a Dear Friend and Reader! She commented on a posting of mine about a bunny stamp that she just loved so I took that as inspiration and dug through all of my paper. 15 Minutes later I had 5 sheets of chocolate paper, 5 sheets of white paper, 1 sheet of glitter designer paper and that bunny stamp from my Forest Friends Stampin' Up set, and don't forget about my faithful Zig Zag 2 in 1 glue stick. I decided to make a memo gift set for her! I took a dvd case and customized it to fit these amazing memo sheets! Because of the layers I used I could only make ten sheets fit in the dvd case but still they all turned out great! Are you ready to see the pictures???

This photo was stage one. I had just finished trimming the three different papers and gluing them all down.

Then I added a touch of flare and funk because this particular person is anything but normal and I love that about her! I love this stamp and got it in a set of 4 for only 1.49$!

After that I cut some white circles and round scallops in chocolate. Inside the white circle I stamped that super cute bunny rabbit which finished the memo sheets!

After that it was time to make the dvd case match and look just as amazing! Using the same paper I added some glam to the case!

This was such a fun and amazing thing to create! I think I might just make some for myself! I just love how cute and tidy everything looks!

Now, I have been thinking about this for a while now and I would like to get a few opinions on it. To gain a bigger client base I have been thinking about doing giveaways called "Lucky Me Giveaways" they will be done with random drawings after commenting that you would like to win the items and telling friends and families about the amazing free items. What do you think about winning free stuff from Pawsitively Purrfect Memories? Would you be excited? Leave me a Comment telling me what you think, I always love hearing from all of you!

Father's Day Samples 2

I am so happy to say that I have completed all six of my wonderful Father's Day Sample Cards! I just finished the last three! Please enjoy and remember that all the colors can be changed to fit your dad, brother, son, or friend better! Keep in mind my Look & Love Policy! Now here is the lovely photos you have been waiting all week for! Please enjoy and have a Happy Paper Crafting Day!

For any qestions or orders please e-mail me! Thank You!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hello Dear Readers,
Let me start by saying how truly sorry I am for not keeping to the schedual I set and posted the last three card samples from my 2011 Father's Day Collection. This week has been very hecic for me, but I promise I am working hard on getting the Samples posted ASAP.
I am so happy to announce that my blog has been updated and all features do work now! So please, please, please leave me all of those loving comments that you haven't been able to post before! Link my blog to your favorite websites and let people know that I am here and waiting to take care of all of their paper craft needs!
I want all of you to know how much I love your support! You are all so amazing! Thank you for reading and enjoying my products, photos, and blog entries!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Father's Day Samples

OK dear friends, family, and loving fans. Here are 3 samples of my Father's Day collection. In the end there should be 6 that you can choose from. This year for father's day I am only using my two newest Stampin' Up sets. I just got these about a month and half to two months ago and have been dying to use them! Both sets are from the current Catalog, the first one is called Forest Friends, it is a wood mounted set, and the second one is called funky four which is a clear mounted set! I love these sets!

You can see why I have been so anxious to use them! They are just to die for cute! So for Father's Day I have done up a few very cute cards in boyish colors. (Remember that the colors can be changed to fit your own taste. Also if you do not want a card that I have shown you can special order one that is more to your liking but the prices might go up.) These cards I am looking at selling for 4$ each and that includes the decorated Envelope. If you would like to place an order or leave comments please email me at Thank you all so much!!

The owl is raised up just a bit to give this card the slight 3D effect and the \\PoP// it needed!

Remember that this is just the first three out of six! I will hopefully get the rest done tomorrow! Thank you for reading another picture filled posting and as always have a Happy Paper Crating Day!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Purrfect Glimps

I wanted to take this moment of down time to tell you all about one of my favorite storage systems. My Stamp storage system! Its amazing! Originally I kept my stamps in my pink 3 drawer tote. I really had no idea what stamps I had and I never thought to use any of them. The thought of "out of sight - out of mind" comes to my mind when thinking about my old stamp storage system. Then on a trip to the DI (Deseret Industries) with my husband, which we do often, we found this amazing Making Memories Die Cut Store display. When I first looked at it I never thought I would use it. Mostly because it was so big, the drawers are small and weird shaped, and there are over 100 drawers! After talking things over with my husband and realising that in Scrapbooking and Card making there are a ton of little pieces and scraps that really need to be organized. It cost us 10$! The best 10$ that I have ever spent. (Well probably not the best, but it was an amazing bargain and I'm glad I spent the 10$ on it!) We stuffed it in the car and went on our merry little way. When we got home I pulled out my disinfectant spray and wipes and went at it! It had been in storage for a while, there were dead bugs and spiders all over the place. It took me 3 days of 3 hours of cleaning to make it all white and clean. It took another day or two of pulling off the old labels and putting on new blank ones which I took a green marker and wrote numbers on. After I got it cleaned up and started looking at it I realised that it was amazing! I thought for a long time about what I actually wanted to put in it. I took another day of carefully considering my options before making my decision. The next morning I went to my stamp collection and started arranging them to my liking. Then come to find out my wood mounted stamps are too tall for the drawers. I didn't know what I was going to do. Then I realised that my wonderful system didn't need all of the drawers! It was my choice to use all of them or not. (*I have a really hard time realising that once I buy an item it really is mine and I can tear it apart any way I see fit. So it is never the first thing I come to.*) I pulled out every other drawer and my wonderful stamp collection fit perfectly! Of course all of my clear stamps fit purrfectly in the drawers so pulling out every other drawer isn't necessary. I loved the ease of the whole things! It took me about a week to get everything put together but I am so glad that I took the time to think things through and make sure that I love the setup!

So if you are a crafter, of any craft and you live in a state that does have the wonderful resorce of a DI I very much think that you should take a few days a month to stop by and check out what they have to offer. You never know what you will find. You might just find an amazing thing that you just can't live without! Thank you again for reading my posts and enjoying my pictures!