Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Purrfect Glimps

I wanted to take this moment of down time to tell you all about one of my favorite storage systems. My Stamp storage system! Its amazing! Originally I kept my stamps in my pink 3 drawer tote. I really had no idea what stamps I had and I never thought to use any of them. The thought of "out of sight - out of mind" comes to my mind when thinking about my old stamp storage system. Then on a trip to the DI (Deseret Industries) with my husband, which we do often, we found this amazing Making Memories Die Cut Store display. When I first looked at it I never thought I would use it. Mostly because it was so big, the drawers are small and weird shaped, and there are over 100 drawers! After talking things over with my husband and realising that in Scrapbooking and Card making there are a ton of little pieces and scraps that really need to be organized. It cost us 10$! The best 10$ that I have ever spent. (Well probably not the best, but it was an amazing bargain and I'm glad I spent the 10$ on it!) We stuffed it in the car and went on our merry little way. When we got home I pulled out my disinfectant spray and wipes and went at it! It had been in storage for a while, there were dead bugs and spiders all over the place. It took me 3 days of 3 hours of cleaning to make it all white and clean. It took another day or two of pulling off the old labels and putting on new blank ones which I took a green marker and wrote numbers on. After I got it cleaned up and started looking at it I realised that it was amazing! I thought for a long time about what I actually wanted to put in it. I took another day of carefully considering my options before making my decision. The next morning I went to my stamp collection and started arranging them to my liking. Then come to find out my wood mounted stamps are too tall for the drawers. I didn't know what I was going to do. Then I realised that my wonderful system didn't need all of the drawers! It was my choice to use all of them or not. (*I have a really hard time realising that once I buy an item it really is mine and I can tear it apart any way I see fit. So it is never the first thing I come to.*) I pulled out every other drawer and my wonderful stamp collection fit perfectly! Of course all of my clear stamps fit purrfectly in the drawers so pulling out every other drawer isn't necessary. I loved the ease of the whole things! It took me about a week to get everything put together but I am so glad that I took the time to think things through and make sure that I love the setup!

So if you are a crafter, of any craft and you live in a state that does have the wonderful resorce of a DI I very much think that you should take a few days a month to stop by and check out what they have to offer. You never know what you will find. You might just find an amazing thing that you just can't live without! Thank you again for reading my posts and enjoying my pictures!

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