Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Cards Ordered

Today has brought many surprises! I think the best one was the order that was placed today for a grand total of 19 different birthday cards for people of all ages!! Today I have completed 3 fun and exciting cards!!

The first one I have to show you is a birthday card for a girl, age 15. As always, please enjoy my posting and have a happy day of paper crafting!

I just love the green gems for the eyes!! It really makes the owl \\POP//! Also the pink paper is a shiny pastel, and the boxes on the front of the card are glittered!!

I actually just learned this technique. Its called a Star Ribbon Tie!!! Its great!!! And super fun to make!

Next up is a card for a boy, age 7. I saw this sketch in the great book of Cardmaking with Cricut. I knew I just had to try it!!! So here is my rendition of the card!

Again, I totally love Glitter!! I just had to add some glitter to this very cute birthday card! I think it really added the punch I was looking for!

These photos are of the inside of the card! I love the piece of cake stamp! And I don't know if you can see it or not but on the flame of the candle I added, can you guess?? THAT'S RIGHT!!! MORE GLITTER!!

Next up is a great and very sophisticated card for a girl, age 25.

I just love how all of these cards have come together!! Thanks for enjoying another fun, picture filled posting!

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