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12 Hour Online Creative Crop

WoW! Yesterday was amazing!! In honor of National (& International) Scrapbook day the wonderful Big Picture Classes and Making Memories hosted a 12 Hour Online Creative Crop class. Each hour they issued a new challenge and prizes, durring that hour you could also chat live with special guests and everyone else that was participating in the crop! I have actually never been apart of a crop so it was an amazing experience for me! I completed 11 out of the 12 challenges! How fun is that! This blog is going to be a big one! But I promise it won't bore you! And I hope that the challenges will inspire you the way they have inspired me!

Challenge #1
Use Text in Your Projects
Words can make a big difference in your collages, journals and scrapbook layouts. I really enjoy adding text to my collage pieces because it helps tell a story to the viewer. Add a word or two to any collage and it's amazing how just that small change can alter your impression of the whole artwork.Add some text to your latest project!
Old books and dictionaries are a great place to find text. I recently got a free copy of a Gossip Girl book, (which I would normally not be reading) and I used it to harvest great snippets of text to use in my next project. Young Adult and Romance books are really fun because they have such over the top dialog!
I also use text as idea jump starters. Sometimes just a phrase or a fun saying is enough to get my mind off and running with a new idea.
Special Guest - Claudine Hellmuth

These are the pictures of my rendition of #1 **I originally made this for Valentines Day this year for my Husband but wasn't fully satisfied with the way the it turned out so I spent the hour given to redue the layout of it all. I love updating old projects!

Challenge #2
10 + 10 + 10 @ 10

First off, let me just wish you the happiest National Scrapbook Day EVER! I'm so delighted that you're joining us to celebrate this glorious hobby of ours. The page that illustrates my challenge for you is not what you might expect from me—it is not a typical"Stacy Julian" layout. But then, today is NOT just any old day. In a very playful effort to truly celebrate what we do, I am issuing the...
10 + 10 + 10 @ 10 Challenge
I would like you to scrapbook a photo of someone you love with TEN products, TEN techniques and TEN words.
Special Guest - Stacy Julian

My rendition of #2

Challenge #3
Get Organized in Minutes

Have you noticed that maintaining an organized scrapbook space is an ever-evolving process? I think this has to do with two things:
Our scrapbook stashes are ever changing, which means our storage systems sometimes need to evolve to keep up with that change. (Hey, we can't help it that scrapbook products are so fun to purchase.)
We may start out with one system in place, thinking it's the bee's knees, only to find that it doesn't work as well as we thought it would. This happened to me with my patterned paper. I originally sorted it by color, thinking I'd love the outcome, only to later reorganize by manufacturer, which has worked out much better for me and my style/needs.
The beautiful thing about this is, no matter the reason you may need to organize or re-organize, you have the freedom to do so. There's no reason any of us should feel trapped in any particular storage approach when finding or updating an area of organization can be both fun and creative.
Here's the Challenge
Find an area in your scrapbook space that you'd like to update. Spend five to ten minutes working on your identified area, whether that's sorting things in a new way or creating a new storage piece for your supplies (decorated shoe box, altered magazine files, labeled jars, etc.). This can be as simple as adding labels to your drawers or as complex as reorganizing your albums.
Share Your Progress
As part of this challenge, I'd love to see you post what progress you've made in the Challenge #3 gallery. And, while you're at it, feel free to share an organizational tip. I'm always looking for new tips to publish in Creating Keepsakes magazine, and I know your fellow students will enjoy your insights as much as I will. To start the fun, I've posted a new little storage system I created particularly for this class.
Ready, set, organize...and then share! Can't wait to hear your ideas and see your progress soon. :)
Special Guest - Megan Hoeppner

My Rendition of #3 ** I actually started this process awhile ago but never finished it so this challenge was great to get my butt in gear and get it finished. And who wants just plain black binder to hold their scrapbooking supplies? So I made sure to jazz mine up with some of my favorite colors. Pink and Green!

Challenge #4
Use Wood or Wood Grain

Have you noticed all of the wood and wood grain scrapbooking products there are right now? I love how these nature inspired products easily add both texture and a homespun feel to my scrapbook pages. On my page "Talkin' Hoops with Moya" I used some wooden stars as well as wood grain patterned paper - both premade products. On my "Play Doh & Toothpick Math" layout I used plain old toothpicks for that touch of wood! So I'm wondering, wood you use wood on your next scrapbook page? I hope the answer is yes because here is my challenge. Create a layout using wood or wood grain in some way. If you don't have woody scrapbook supplies on hand no worries! Here's your chance to get really creative and see what wooden items you can use from around your house or try your hand at creating your own wood grain texture! I can't wait to see what wooden wonders you come up with!
Special Guest - Cindy Tobey

This was a fun challenge, but in truth, I use wood all the time. I love the pre-painted cutouts that you can find at JoAnns for under a dollar. So this wasn't really a challenge for me. But it was still fun making the layout and using my big wood grey cat!

Challenge #5
Create a Photo Mat with Two Supplies

This hour's challenge is to create a photo mat using two supplies. Pretty simple, huh? Photo mats are such an easy way to add color and texture to your layout. They let you be creative without having to worry about accent placement-just add a little extra room for your photo. This means that you can have a clean and simple style layout, and bring in some cool supplies at the same time! And you can get as crazy as you want with the supplies you choose. (A huge bonus if you're a total supply hound like me.)You could add paint and glitter to cardstock or pile on the fabric and stickers. For my photo mat, I layered tissue paper on frayed fabric. I love the tropical look it gives my photo! If you need a little help with your photo sizes, or want to create a digi mat, just download one of the templates. So dig into your supply stash, my friends-it's time to create a creative 2-supply photo mat!
Special Guest - Kim Jackson

This was a great challenge. Because there are so many amazing scrapbooking products we forget how great the more simple items are!So here is my challenge #5

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