Friday, May 6, 2011

Cards # 11-13

These are more pictures of the amazing 19 birthday cards ordered!! I just love how everything is coming together!!! Making so many different cards for one order is one of the hardest challenges I have faced in the short time that I have been card making; but it truly is a great thing! I love testing my limits and going all out to create the best card! I would still classify myself as a beginner but my work is top notch!!! Well, here are the next three cards that have been ordered! =) As always, please enjoy my blog and have a Happy Paper Crafting day!

The first card I have to show you is for a young girl about 16. I love the colors! They all just came together so well! The metal frames are a great touch too!

The next card that I have to show you all is for a girl in her mid twenties. The birthday falls in a summer month and I just couldn't resist adding one of my favorite things about summer! A BIG fat Watermelon!!! Yummy!!

The last card I have to show you is for a little boy that is turning one! I just love the foam cloud! And the Glitter! Ha Ha Ha

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