Monday, May 2, 2011

Living Planet 2009

For my 20th birthday my Husband took me to the Living Planet Aquarium here in Salt Lake. It was a blast! We had never been there before and it was great to see all the aquatic life! We even got to pet these giant sting rays! It was a blast! Well, feeling like I had put it off long enough I decided to start the round of scrapbook pages that would add this exciting event to our Album. I got through one double page layout, out of a grand total of 3 double paged layouts. (A total of 6 12x12 pages)

Let me explain why I only got through the one double page. I was in the scrapping zone! Scissors, paper, and glue went everywhere! I was so focused and excited that I didn't realise my Daughter Tia was jumping up on a shelf that is next to my scarpping corner. There is a large tin on that shelf and a few other random things. Needless to say, there wasn't any room for her on that shelf, let alone any reason for her to be up there in the first place. So in a matter of seconds her, the tin, and some papers come crashing down off the shelf. Just below the shelf is where I keep my camera. Of course, as always, the worst happens! The tin smashes into my camera and my camera goes flying! It hit a corner on an end table and bounces into a computer table and then hits the hard floor. Thankfully both my Daughter and my camera were fine. But, sadly, I just couldn't find the zone again. I was halfway through my second double page layout and had to stop because I was angry and my heart was still racing from the shock. So all I finished yesterday was one double page layout. (And a whole lot of spring cleaning! LoL)

Well here are the pictures of that great layout!

I normally try and avoid making Titles that include my own hand writing (I just don't think it looks right.) but in this case I thought it fit best! Especially since the layout itself is really laid back and fun!

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