Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome Lauralee Lilly

Today I was invited out with my brother and his growing family to take updated shots of them before the next baby comes into this world, they have decided to name her Lauralee and she should be in our arms by Tuesday night! Saddly they never had the oppertunity to take maternity photos of their first little girl so I offered to take some now. It was such a great day! I loved being out in a new place. It was amazing to get pictures of their beautiful little family! We spent almost 3 hours walking all over Murray Memorial Park. I took over 200 shots of their family to make sure I got the best they had to offer! I ended up keeping 105 shots and another 60 in a folder that I call Just 4 Fun! Which are photos that aren't really clear or the family wasn't paying attention but they are very cute photos and are wonderful memories. The rest were junk, too blurred to know who was who or cut someones body part off. =) That happens from time to time when you don't have a tri-pod! Ha Ha

Well here are my top picks! I just love these photos!

These are my favorite maternity photos. They are really amazing! I can't believe how great they all turned out! I'm not even near a professional level yet but I am getting closer and closer!

Thank you all for reading and enjoying another photo filled blog!

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