Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Cricut Event!

So yesterday after I got paid for my wonderful birthday cards I went on a shopping spree, after taking my hubby out for a very yummy breakfast! I went to Michael's to look for Clarence items and hopefully an amazing cricut sale, since that is usually where I can find the best deals when I have money to buy crafty things. They had alot of great Clarence! I even got a new stamp pad originally 7$ for .01, that's right a penny! And another ink pad for only .60!! It was amazing! I also got a brand new Martha Stewart Poesy punch that dry embosses while it cuts for 4.25$ because the box was open! It works beautifully!

I also picked up a few single stamps that were originally priced at 3.99$ for only .99!! My favorite thing that I got from that store was a beautiful cling stamp set of 4 originally 13$ for only 1.46! How flipping amazing is that!!!!

Well after I went to Michael's I went down to JoAnns. I was looking for a sale on paper because I need to restock on plain card stock and my glitter pack. But because there was no Cricut sale at my first stop I had to see if JoAnns was having one before I did anything else. I wanted to make sure that I got at least one new cartridge since I never get them due to price. So anyway, after grabbing a hand basket and sifting throughout the new magazines I strolled over to their cricut section. I start looking at all the cartridges before I look at any of the signs. Most of them had the "Sold Out" tag showing. I remember thinking to myself "Hmm, they really need to order more. Why is like all of them empty?" Then I looked up to see this giant yellow and red sign saying all Cricut Cartridges 89.99$ were on sale for 29.99$ I ran to customer service to first check to make sure I wasn't dreaming and second to see if they had the two cartridges that have topped my "Wish List" for the better part of two years. Turns out they did! I got in line and waited for my precious purchase to be completed! I really needed paper but I really wanted those two cricut cartridges and I just couldn't pass this sale up! I probably won't be getting more cartridges anytime soon so I had to buy while I could. They are amazing! I still can't believe that they are mine! When I woke up this morning the first thing I did (even before feeding the kids) was run to my Scrapbooking corner and check to make sure they were really there and that I didn't just dream the whole thing! Guess what, they were really there!!!

I only wish that I had more money to be able to buy more! This is the time to buy people!! Cricut Cartridges are expensive and this sale makes them very affordable! BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!

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