Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cards #23 - #28

I have finished my wonderful order of 19 Birthday Cards! They all turned out amazing! I just can't believe what an amazing journey this all has been! Seriously, it was a crazy challenge but I loved pushing myself! Here are the last pictures of the cards that we ordered!

First up is a fun card for a woman, I got to use my new Stampin' Up Stamp set that I got about a month ago. I also used my sketchy birthday stamps. And a couple rhinestones here and there! Its one of my favorite cards!

Next up is a birthday card for a little boy. Its simple but super happy!

This next card is probably my all time favorite! I love the color green! It is compatable with so many other wonderful colors! Plus tri-fold cards are always a fun surprise! =)

Spring is amazing! It brings all the best colors! Bright blues, yellows, pale oranges, light green, white! The best part, they all love to mingle! These colors just love to party together!!

It was so fantastic to see the pleased look on my customers face! I love that my crafts can bring such joy to someone!
Thank you so much to all of you for fallowing my blog!

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