Sunday, May 8, 2011

12 Hour Online Creative Crop #2

Challenge #6
Think Outside the Box

We're pushing the boundaries, today, scrapbookers!
Even the most creative layout ideas are often trapped "within the box" of a page. Whether your preferred format is 12" x 12", 8 1/2" x 11", or some other size, they are all basically box-shaped. My challenge to you is to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and push the boundaries…of your pages!
This is one of my favorite techniques to mix up my layout design a bit and keep things interesting.
Special Guest - Tami Morrison

I've seen this technique a lot but have actually never considered trying it out myself! This was a great challenge and really made me "think outside the box!"

Challenge #7
Add a Banner to Your Layout

I love making my own embellishments for my layouts and lately I seem to be making a lot of banners! They are just so fun and colorful and add the perfect stylish flair to finish off each page. On the scrapbook pages below, you will see several examples of hand made banners across the top of each. They work on one page or two page layouts and you can even spread them across both of the pages. My challenge for you today is to create a layout with a home made banner across the top of your page. Below are some pictures and steps to give you an idea of how to start. Pull out some paper scraps, favorite punches or stamps, markers, and twine or rick rack that match your page. And remember, you can mix and match all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles together - there are NO rules to creating banners! For the birthday banner on the steps pictured below, I pulled out several of my American Crafts Celebrate line paper scraps and stickers. I cut some of the banner pieces from the papers and cut others from the stickers. I used dimensional embellishments to decorate the pieces and popped some up with pop dots behind them. This page will be about my daughter's eighth birthday, so I used the number eight several times on the banner to tie it to the theme of my page. Ok, it is time to create your own banner. Have fun and let your own style, color preferences and creativity shine!
Special Guest - Suzy Plantamura

I love making my own embelishments for my Scrapbook pages but have never considered making a banner. What a great and fun idea!

Challenge #8
Sadly I did not partisipate in this challenge bacause I couldn't come up with an idea for this one.

Challenge #9
Capture the Details

Don't you ever wish that you had a photo album of your grandma's that you could go back and look at details of her life? What if you could see pictures of the ingredients she used to make cookies one day? Or what if you could see pictures of what was on her nightstand? Very few of us have such treasures, so make it a challenge to record the details of your life for yourself, your children, your grandchildren and generations to come! No matter where you are or what you are doing in your life right now, take time to document the details! Things around us are so familiar and "boring" that we never think to take snapshots of life itself.
Special Guest - Elisha Snow

Challenge #10
Use this Sketch!

I'd like to challenge you to use this sketch. You can use this sketch exactly as it is or change it up to work for you. You can use as little or as much of it as you want! Perhaps this sketch will inspire you to just use square photos or use a long title.

Special Guest - Lisa Day

I love using Sketches! They are a great way to get the creative juices flowing!

Challenge #11
Doodle on Your Layout

Have you tried doodling on your layouts? If you have, wasn't it fun to just let go and doodle away? We want you to do just that today for this challenge. Get your pens and markers out, relax and start doodling. Never doodled before? Well, then, try this free downloadable doodled journaling block. Print it out, color it in and you are one step closer to using a doodled element on your next scrapbook page.
Special Guest - Mou Saha

What a fun Challenge! I don't normally use my doodles on my pages but this was a fun challenge!

Challenge #12
Journal Without a Photo

I'm so excited about this "UNphotographable" challenge, I just know you're going to be inspired! This idea is based on a blog I discovered a while back called at The blog presentation is extremely simple and minimalistic; the author just shares the photographs he DIDN'T take as journaled memories. I knew this would be the perfect challenge for anyone who documents their life experiences through blogging, journaling, and of course, scrapbooking!

I've always wanted to try this type of layout and this challenge pushed me in the right direction to get it done!

Well that is all! It was an amazing day of Scrapbooking fun! I can't believe all of the projects that I finished!

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