Friday, September 30, 2011

A Thoughtful Note

Recently a dear friend of my Mum lost a best friend and I offered to make her a Sympathy card. I chose subtle colors but comforting colors. Soft purples, soft pink, blended white, a blend of pure blue, and just a touch of dark purple. For the image here I used a printed image instead of a stamp because I wanted a more formal look for the card. I trimmed it down and slightly inked the edges of the image to soften the edges, make them stand out but also compliment the card all together.
Thank you for stopping by! Be sure to have a Happy Crafty Day!
~Virginia E.

Utah's Hogle Zoo

For our 5 year Anniversary my wonderful Hubby surprised me with a visit to the Hogle Zoo here in Utah! I haven't been there since mother's day 2009 and a lot has changed! Sadly though, due to all the changes going on at the zoo a lot of the animals have been moved and there really wasn't that much to see.
I took my faithful camera with me and had a fabulous time walking the zoo and watching the animals! (Even though there wasn't much to see.) We took our time and enjoyed the day. I have a total of 9 photos to share with you today.

I love these photos! I took a total of 213 Photos that day and these are my top picks! Please enjoy and remember, I don't hate comments! Thank you all for stopping by!
~Virginia E.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Fall Bow

Hello All! Today I have a fun little project to share with you. I wanted to make a fun new hair bow for the fall holidays. I am thinking about letting all of you have a chance to win it in the Lucky Me Giveway that's coming up! If you would like to see this bow in the giveway be sure to comment below! =)
Are you ready to see the fun bow>

I started off with a large/wide bright orange ribbon layered with a thin white fall phrase ribbon. I added a touch of green "circles" ribbon and orange Jack 'o' Lantern Faces ribbon. To top it all off I added a fun Spooky Black Butterfly with a glitter filled center piece. I love the way it all came together! I made it to go on a wide headband. I'm thinking a green or black one.
Again, if you'd like to see this bow in the up coming Lucky Me Giveaway leave me a comment on this post so I can be sure to add it in to the other fun items I have up for grabs! =)
Thanks for stopping by and have a happy crafty day!
~Virginia E.

The Butterfly came from JUST CLAY and so much more!!/pages/JUST-CLAY-and-so-much-more/187071131310699

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Giggles

Back on the 19Th I had the wonderful opportunity to take staged photos of a 6 month old little girl. She was very cooperative and loved to giggle. Her mother did a great job in making her giggle as well! There is a lot of love there and that is so easy to see. Even dad got in on the fun and let me pose him in a few shots with his little girl.
This first one is my favorite of all the shots! It is a perfect shot!

This next shot is another great one, I am so happy that I got it.

Thank you all for joining me for this fun post! Be sure to have a happy crafty day and I will see you all next time.
~Virginia E.

Tracy Aviary

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to take a trip out to the Tracy Aviary! My Mum says that I went once when I was in Kindergarten but I don't remember it at all so this trip was "like" a first for me, which made it fun and special!

I had the chance to slowly walk through the large grounds and take my time watching the birds and enjoying how they moved. I got the best photographs that I could have ever dreamed of! I'm not just being braggy either! I swear! Some of these could be in National Geographic!
Why am I still talking? Lets just go ahead and show them off!
This first one was taken right after I got through the gate. I love the detail on this Storkes' wing. Beautiful.

Next is a beautiful photo of a pair of Golden Eagles. This one took me a few minutes to capture, but I knew what I wanted and all I had to do was wait for it. Perfection!

This is a close up profile shot of a Hawk. I love how you can not only see the detail of all of his feathers but also in his eye.

This shot is special just for my Mum, the Barn Own is her second Favorite Owl, the first being the Snowy Owl. (Which at this time the Tracy Aviary does not have.) Again, the detail is amazing considering how far away I was.

I love how the Swan in this photo is off center. It really makes the photo for me. I don't know how to explain it but it really is a great shot!

Please remember that I do not hate comments and I look forward to you joining me again for another fun post!
~Virginia E.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Break?

Things just don't want to mellow out for me. Sadly though, because things aren't mellowing out I will be taking a break from my scheduled posts. I just can't seem to keep up with it all and I am becoming more and more forgetful about my wonderful posts. So I have decided to stop for now and will hopefully pick it back up in October with a full line up of Lucky Me Blog Candies for the Candy season! I am so sorry to have to do this but I really need a bit of time. I will check in from time to time with the crafts that I have been working on and maybe a new find or deal from time to time.

Thank You for Stopping by! I hope you have a Happy Crafty Day!
~Virginia E.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wild Horse & Burro Fest

I got to attend this years Wild Horse and Burro Festival. (My Mum owns a Mustang named HRH Sir Charles and she was competing there!) So I was invited to take pictures of all of the wonderful horses and their riders! Here are my photo pics!

A Few Photos

A few days before my Birthday my husband and I decided to take a nice walk and have a sweet little pic-nic down at the Jordan River Park jut down the street from where we live. My husband invited my Niece to come along because he knows how much I love spending time with her. I surly do love that little girl! I brought my camera and I wanted to share some of the love that I took that day! So what do you say, are you ready to see them?

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying my photos!
Be sure to have a Happy Crafty Day!
~Virginia E.

For the Love of Layouts

I am so sorry to have been absent for so long. Things have just been plain buggy around here! Due to a leak in someone elses apartment that was supposedly fixed we found a large amount of Mold in our closet that completely damaged just about everything in our closet. We lost tons of stuff because we used our closet as storage! Then our car decided to break down and it cost us an arm and a leg to have everyone and their dog look at and tell us what we already knew. Then it cost us another arm to have it fixed! What a mess. I am glad to say though that it is now fixed and for now the mold is all gone out of our closet. I also had a birthday this past month, so as you can see things have been quite buggy. But I am back now with a few wonderful posts for you today!

This first one is all about the lovely layouts I have been working on late at night and very early in the morning. The first I have to show you is a wonderful layout for my little girl Tia. Poor little thing, in these pictures she had just come home from having surgery. She was so sick. Makes me so sad. But I am happy to say that everything went well and she was back to normal in a few days.

Next that I would like to show you is a very sweet layout that I titled True Love. They are happy pictures of my Son Smokey and my second youngest Daughter Tia. Such a lovey bath time! =)

Last to show off is a fun and happy layout made using sleepy pictures of Smokey and Valentine taking a quick snooze on our bed. The original layout was made with purple paper so I decided to keep that color as the main color in this new layout as well.

In case you were wondering, these are all new looks on old layouts.
Thanks for stopping by and be sure to have a Happy Crafty Day!
~Virginia E.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Something New

A new and exciting Challenge blog is about to open up and I just can not wait!!!

The Blog will be opening on the 11th and to kick it all off they are giving away some fabby candy!

"If you would like a chance to win with the Cutie Pie Challenge, then all you need to do is follow the blog, post a picture of the candy with a link back to the challenge post. Then complete the link at the bottom to be in with a chance to win the BLOG CANDY! We go live on the 19th September with our first challenge, so please don't forget to come back, enter your fab cards for the chance to win challenge prizes."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Photographer's Moment

So I have had the wonderful opportunity to talk with a few photographers and listen to their funny stories. One that I think all photographers share (the professional and the beginner)is the "crazy neighbor with a camera" story. It comes in all forms but always ends the same. =) This is mine. I hope you get a laugh and enjoy my photos.

One day after a morning filled with running errands in the heat I arrived home to my apartment complex. I was about to pull into my stall when I saw my neighbor sitting outside in the afternoon with her two beautiful long haired cats reading a book. I almost put the car through a fence because I was so fixated on her sitting there. The lighting and her clothes and attitude were perfect. I felt so inspired and I just had to take a few photos of her. I quickly ran inside to get my camera, after I introduced myself to her and gave her one of my recently printed business cards. She looked at me like I was completely crazy but agreed to let me take just a few. She continued doing her thing while I stood in the street and took amazing shots! I'm so excited to show all of these off to you! I have actually never gotten her name so for now I would like you all to meet the Red Beauty!

Have a Happy Crafty Day and please enjoy my Photos!
~Virginia E.