Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Photographer's Moment

So I have had the wonderful opportunity to talk with a few photographers and listen to their funny stories. One that I think all photographers share (the professional and the beginner)is the "crazy neighbor with a camera" story. It comes in all forms but always ends the same. =) This is mine. I hope you get a laugh and enjoy my photos.

One day after a morning filled with running errands in the heat I arrived home to my apartment complex. I was about to pull into my stall when I saw my neighbor sitting outside in the afternoon with her two beautiful long haired cats reading a book. I almost put the car through a fence because I was so fixated on her sitting there. The lighting and her clothes and attitude were perfect. I felt so inspired and I just had to take a few photos of her. I quickly ran inside to get my camera, after I introduced myself to her and gave her one of my recently printed business cards. She looked at me like I was completely crazy but agreed to let me take just a few. She continued doing her thing while I stood in the street and took amazing shots! I'm so excited to show all of these off to you! I have actually never gotten her name so for now I would like you all to meet the Red Beauty!

Have a Happy Crafty Day and please enjoy my Photos!
~Virginia E.

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