Friday, September 30, 2011

Utah's Hogle Zoo

For our 5 year Anniversary my wonderful Hubby surprised me with a visit to the Hogle Zoo here in Utah! I haven't been there since mother's day 2009 and a lot has changed! Sadly though, due to all the changes going on at the zoo a lot of the animals have been moved and there really wasn't that much to see.
I took my faithful camera with me and had a fabulous time walking the zoo and watching the animals! (Even though there wasn't much to see.) We took our time and enjoyed the day. I have a total of 9 photos to share with you today.

I love these photos! I took a total of 213 Photos that day and these are my top picks! Please enjoy and remember, I don't hate comments! Thank you all for stopping by!
~Virginia E.

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Kaitlyn said...

I love these pictures too! So cute! I loove taking pictures of animals! You did a great job! :)