Monday, May 23, 2011

Lucky Me

Today I got started on a special gift for a Dear Friend and Reader! She commented on a posting of mine about a bunny stamp that she just loved so I took that as inspiration and dug through all of my paper. 15 Minutes later I had 5 sheets of chocolate paper, 5 sheets of white paper, 1 sheet of glitter designer paper and that bunny stamp from my Forest Friends Stampin' Up set, and don't forget about my faithful Zig Zag 2 in 1 glue stick. I decided to make a memo gift set for her! I took a dvd case and customized it to fit these amazing memo sheets! Because of the layers I used I could only make ten sheets fit in the dvd case but still they all turned out great! Are you ready to see the pictures???

This photo was stage one. I had just finished trimming the three different papers and gluing them all down.

Then I added a touch of flare and funk because this particular person is anything but normal and I love that about her! I love this stamp and got it in a set of 4 for only 1.49$!

After that I cut some white circles and round scallops in chocolate. Inside the white circle I stamped that super cute bunny rabbit which finished the memo sheets!

After that it was time to make the dvd case match and look just as amazing! Using the same paper I added some glam to the case!

This was such a fun and amazing thing to create! I think I might just make some for myself! I just love how cute and tidy everything looks!

Now, I have been thinking about this for a while now and I would like to get a few opinions on it. To gain a bigger client base I have been thinking about doing giveaways called "Lucky Me Giveaways" they will be done with random drawings after commenting that you would like to win the items and telling friends and families about the amazing free items. What do you think about winning free stuff from Pawsitively Purrfect Memories? Would you be excited? Leave me a Comment telling me what you think, I always love hearing from all of you!

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Debs M said...

what a great idea for a memo holder x