Sunday, November 20, 2011

Digital Word Art

I have always wanted to make my own digital word art for the holidays. I have seen this Technique used 100s of times and I always think to myself I should make one of my very own. Happy to say that I have finally gotten around to making my very own Thanksgiving Digital Word Art!
I originally opened up a paint document and used the extra large brush tool and drew a pumpkin. (I thought that a Turkey might be a little to hard to draw on the computer.)

Once I was happy with the look of my pumpkin drawing I opened up the Font section and picked a font style and color that I was happy with. I had about 7 words and 3 colors that I planned on repeating to make up this word art. After about an hour of resizing and playing with placement I was happy with the way it looked.

 I then switched it over to the eraser and started erasing the pumpkin out line and the letters that went over. In the end I ended up with this and I can't be more happy to show it off! **I am sure that there is an easier way of doing this but this is how I thought to do it. =)
Is that great or what!!! I am planning on making a few Christmas as well. For Christmas I have chosen to do a Christmas Tree, a Snowman, and an ornament! I can't wait to share all of those with you as well!
~Virginia E.

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