Sunday, November 20, 2011

Again to the DI

I love going to thrift stores especially our local DI! This time at the DI while wondering around the ??Craft?? section, if you can really call it that. Its really just where I pile up all the binders and sewing patterns and clip boards, but, if you are lucky enough that is usually where you find the Scrapbooking and paper craft items. I hit the JACKPOT this time! Usually when you find things at the DI they have been opened and used and items are missing, this trip I found 5 amazing items that have never been opened! I couldn't believe my eyes! I had to stop myself from jumping for joy, seriously! The first item that I found was a complete set of crush pink chip board letters by Lush! Just under that was a brand new in perfect condition Stampin' Up Rub On set! Then after I had picked that up I saw just the corner of a red label. I moved the binder that was on top of it and got so excited I almost screamed again! I was a Pink Paislee Sweetness Rub On set that had never been opened or messed with and stuck to the back of it was a Basic Grey Wholly Cow! Rub On set that had never been used! Very pleased and excited by my find I decided to leave the isle before I freaked out, at the end of the isle I saw a small letter sticker and decided to investigate. The top package was opened and used but the one under that in perfect condition! Who doesn't love the Memory Makers Creative Letters sticker sets! So many uses! It was like digging for gold, totally worth it!
I love finding great products like these! For all of this I only paid 3.75$!!! It was an amazing find and I can't wait to go back to the DI and see what other treasures I can find under the grime!
~Virginia E.

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