Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bargain Savvy-November

I actually have some amazing Bargains to share with you all today! In the past week I have received 90 4x6 photo prints and 1,000 1" x 2 5/8" labels completely FREE! I also picked up two design scissors and a sandwich bag full of premade Ribbon flowers for only 2$! Are you ready to see what and how I got all this great stuff for so Cheap?

Lets start with the items that actually cost me money. As usual I took a quick trip to my Local DI (Deseret Industries) in search of Scrapbook bargains. They usually don't have the items that I am looking for since its a donation center and not an actual store but sometimes they have amazing items for sale and this was one of those day! I picked up two decorative scissors, one is a mini stamp cut and the other is a small scallop cut. Fun and I didn't have either! These in the stores near me normally cost 1.99-2.99$ a piece! I bought them for .50 cents each and since this is a donation center they do not charge tax, only a flat rate. I also found a regular sized sandwich baggie filled with premade ribbon flowers/roses. It was filled to the top with these ribbon flowers/roses in a wide array of colors. I picked this up for only 1.00$ and got over 100 little ribbon flowers/roses! I don't have a standard cost for these but I'm sure that its a deal! A steal really. So for total I received all of this for 2$ exactly!

I also had a great coupon from Office Depot for 10$ any print and copy center purchase. So I went in to visit a few friends and to place my order for 1,000 black and white labels. I chose the size 1" x 2 5/8" because it is what fits my needs. This size is normally associated with return address labels. *Depending on your location you may have to pay for the labels and they will print on them for you. This coupon is only good for the next few days. I chose black and white because they are only .10 cents a print where as color costs .59 cents for each print. (BIG Difference!)

Now on to how I got 90 4x6 photo prints for free this past week to week and a half. I signed up for a new Walgreens photo account online just because they are doing amazing deals for 4x6 photo prints and since that is what I normally use in my Scrapbooks it seemed like the smart thing to do. I received 3 free coupon codes from Walgreens in my e-mail! The first was a code for 40 FREE 4x6 prints. I ordered online and asked for in store pick up because that is free! My whole order was completely FREE! I didn't pay a cent! A few days later I received a new coupon code for 25 FREE 4x6 prints. Again I opted for in store pick up which made my whole order completely FREE! Then, just a few days later I received another amazing 25 FREE 4x6 prints coupon code!! I ordered online and chose in store pick up and got it all completely FREE!!!! So, that is a grand total of 90 completely free 4x6 photo prints! These are the coupon codes that I used, they might just work for you! *But you can only use them once per account.
DRUGSTORE40 = 40 free prints
FREE4X6 = 25 free prints
FORU25 = 25 free prints

Good Luck in your frugal adventures!
~Virginia E.

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