Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Purrfect Christmas Order #2

A little over two weeks ago I got the wonderful opportunity to take pictures of a woman and her beloved Horse. It was fun and cold! They looked great and had a lot of fun. The horses Santa Hat makes me laugh every time I see it! What a great thing to have on in a Christmas Photo! These photos were taken for the main purpose of Photo Christmas Cards.
All the pictures turned out beautifully! She chose the first two on the top row for her Christmas purposes! They are my favorite as well!

Her Christmas cards were a little tricky though, I tried to use a boot as the accent, I tried a lasso, and cowboy hat, they all looked a little weird to say the least. In the end we both decided on a small fun red barn. Her quote is really cute as well and goes perfectly with the barn! The quote that she chose to go inside the card is "Seasons Greetings from our Barn to your's!" Cute right! These are the cards that I came up with for her very large order of 20 cards!
Thank you for stopping by to enjoy another wonderful order!
~Virginia E.

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