Sunday, October 23, 2011

Murray Park

Well hello there all you purrfect crafty people! I'm here to share with all of you a wonderful array of nature based pictures from my little adventure yesterday. I went out to the post office but it was closed, I had missed it by half an hour, don't you absolutely hate when that happens! I know I do! Well, I decided to stop by Murray Park and try to find more fall trees, but sadly they haven't made up their mind either. So most of them are over watered and turning that bright lime green rather then yellow, orange, and red. I did however get some amazing shots of the Little Cotton Wood Creek that runs through the Park. Also, some very vibrant flowers! Are you ready to see them? I thought they were fun!
Thanks a million for stopping by! Be sure to have a wonderfully purrfect day!
~Virginia E.

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SmilynStef said...

Love those gorgeous photos ... so peaceful.