Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Halloween Decoration

Hello all! I know I have been a little absent this past week but I just haven't felt that inspired, but I am very sure that I have pushed myself over that horrible hill now!

So for about a month now I have been trying to create special Halloween decorations for my home since I really don't have any decorations for Halloween or Fall and I decided that this year I wanted to make some. So for the past month I have been trying out different styles and different methods to create some fun Halloween items. Sadly, it seemed like every attempt failed. I hated everything I made so I just stopped. About a week has gone by with nothing. To try and get myself more motivated I decided to tidy up my Scrap Space, which usually works and this time was no different. While cleaning up my space I found an old fabric 12x12 Scrapbook album that I don't even remember buying. Then an idea hit me like a ton of bricks! I have decided to take the album apart and make the front and the back of the album into a changeable Halloween and Christmas wall art. Are you ready to see the wonderful Halloween Decoration I have made?

So this is what it started out as....

Then I chose a few fun Halloween themed prints to decorate the plain fabric album cover. After I added the paper and spider ribbon I thought for a while about how I would like to attach and remove the photos since I do want to be able to change the photos every year to keep it up to date. I have a photo album that is expandable so you can add and remove photo pages as needed so I took a few of those out and cut them down to what I needed. =)
The title took me a bit of thought. I wanted something fun and funky so I found some bright orange letter punch outs and decided that they should look like pumpkins. So I dug out my orange colored pencil and my favorite Le Pen and took about 20 minutes to get all the letters just the way I wanted! And, I only wasted two letters! Awesome right! Then after that I added my fun hanger. I added three orange buttons and black ribbon as my hanger! It all turned out great! Except when I cut the extra flap off the cover I cut it too short and I ended up having to tap it to make it secure again. **So be sure that if you would like to try this out you actually pay attention to where you are cutting unlike me!

Then once it was all decorated and ready to go I added my selected pictures!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you have enjoyed my little walk through! Be sure to have a Happy Crafty Day!
~Virginia E.

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