Sunday, October 2, 2011

Playing with Clay

For a few months now I have been contemplating playing with clay and creating my very own Clay Embellishments for my hair bows, cards, and scrapbook layouts. I wanted to think it through before spending the money on it since Clay really isn't all that cheap and I am what most would consider a Dollar Shop Scrapper! =) But this week while looking through the new Dollar Tree location in Taylorsville I found a small package of 16 different colors of Modeling Clay for children. I bought this so I could play with the clay as needed to perfect my technique and make sure that it would be worth spending the money on the great quality stuff. I am happy to state today that I do plan on buying the great quality clay! I had fun creating the two butterflies and I do plan on making more for my products. These, however, will not be sold individually. My Clay items will only be sold on my products. I am glad to recommend a place that makes handmade Clay items and sells them separately. She does special orders and a wide range of items from embellishments to cake toppers and statues. I have used her products before on my bows and headbands. Well, are you ready to see what I have been working on for the past two days.
Thank you all for stopping by, please enjoy my blog and remember that I don't hate comments!
~Virginia E.