Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sit & Read Saturday #1

Again, I am crazy sorry that this post is late. I had a fun Birthday to go to yesterday, if it means anything I got a painful sunburn. =)

Well lets move on. I recently read on a blog called Just Mine; a bloggers recollection of scrapbooking that, "Vintage is the new in, it is taking over just about every new stamp collection out there." She goes on to list a lot of companies that have bought into this new fad, but one stood out in my mind. "Stampin' UP, is one of the worst! They have no idea how horrible of an idea this really is. Their catalogs go on for over a year and I bet that in three months this Vintage craze will burn out and their sales will drop. I for one refuse to order from Stampin' UP until they give those of us that don't care about little flowers and vintage junk something to actually order." Now, I disagree with this article. I had the opportunity to see the new catalog and I rather enjoyed most of the stamps that they have released and plan to order them as soon as possible. They do have a lot of vintage looking stamps but it is a crazy right now and they look great on cards so why wouldn't Stampin' UP take advantage of this? Even if their sales drop after the craze they will have made good money while the crazy was going on. Also, flowers are always in high demand and everyone can find a reason to buy at least one set of floral stamps! So it just seems smart for Stampin' UP to always offer flower sets and offer a wide array of them. Don't let her blog fool you, pick up the catalog when it comes out next month and take a peek for yourself. They have a bit of everything and you'll just love the new and amazing sets. (I'm going to miss some of the sets that are going though, especially when I don't have the money to catch them before their gone.)

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