Monday, June 13, 2011

Lets Change

Change is a good thing! I have decided to start some fun things here at Pawsitively Purrfect Memories. I have noticed that just about every craft blog out there has a schedule for their blog and I like how neat and clean the idea is so I have decided to start that as well! Wish me luck! Most paper craft blogs out there are showing off all the fun that they are having with weekly challenges and I have decided to join in on the fun! So now, every Monday I will post a Manic Challenge Monday blog about a new and exciting weekly challenge that I have found online. I will post the link from the site or blog where I found the blog and share my creation. That will start today but first let me list more fun changes that are happening. Next will be Think Link Thursday. Now this really isn't a new feature here but my usual Wednesday Blog Love is moving to Thursday. It will still stay a Blog Love because there are so many amazing crafty blogs out there that really need our support! Much like this one! =) Then because I have been neglecting my photography I am going to push myself to get out there and make progress! So Fridays will be Photogenic Fridays! So be sure to stop by and check out my progress there! On Saturday I will have a fun article from a crafty magazine that I read and liked or a bit from my current crafty book and my thoughts and take on the whole thing. So come and Sit & Read with me on Saturdays!
So stop by and see those fun scheduled posts but don't forget to stop by on non scheduled days as well for updates on any new creations that I have finished. =)

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Debs M said...

exciting plans! good luck with it all x