Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In an Hour.

Well, today I was hoping to get a few Scrapbook pages done but it turns out that it just wasn't in my time slot. I have great news though!! I have decided to add Handmade Bows to my list of skills and items sold! I have been looking at the wonderful craft of handmade bows for a while and today I took the leap! It turned out great! I originally made it for my Niece for her 3rd Birthday in September but I don't think I am going to be able to wait!! I got this great white and pink flower ribbon that I knew would be perfect! So I dug through all of my stash to find more ribbon to match it. I came up with a very thin white ribbon and a pink ribbon with white hearts on it. I pulled out some pink flowers that matched it perfectly and to top it all of is a Pink Panther Button that I have had for years. Today I got a fun gift of a grab bag type thing from my Mother-in-Law and inside was a plain white plastic bangle bracelet. So I took that bracelet and covered it in the pink heart ribbon and the white and pink flowered ribbon! Now to show you what took me about 30 minutes to complete!

Then after that I got started on an order of Father's Day cards. Just two and they are super cute! I even made up some decorated envelopes to go with the cards. Here they are.

I also took some time to replant my Mini Rose Bush that I got for Mother's Day from my very loving Husband! Sorry, no Pictures of that but I will post some as soon as my Roses start blooming again, they must be presentable! So in an hour I made a bow, covered a bracelet, put together two cards, and replanted a Mini Rose Bush. I have been very very very busy!
Well that is all I did today. But, I guess there is still some time to do some Scrapbook Pages. For all of you out there please have a Happy Paper Crafting Day!

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