Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Bows!

I have been reading up on new hair bow designs and decided to just take the leap and try some of them out for myself. =) So after receiving my shipment of JUST CLAY and so much more items I decided to get started.

The first bow I have to show you is made with 2 different types and sizes of ribbon. The base is made from a thick silk multicolor paw print ribbon! One of my favorite ribbons ever! Then on top of that is a thin loop ribbon in pale yellow. Then to top it all of is a twisted butterfly embellishment from JUST CLAY. It originally had a butterfly bead in the center of it but I carefully removed it and used a pearl brad which I feel better fits the look I was going for. (Although, I might change the butterfly out for the adorable lady bug. Might work better with the colors.) I had to modify the brad a bit to get it to fit the butterfly without ruining it. I am glad to say that I have done it! =) It turned out super crazy cute!!! Are you ready to see it?

Then I tried another variation of this bow using two thin ribbons, lime green and purple. Again it turned out very cute! I used another fabulous embellishment from JUST CLAY to top it off and complete my wonderful bow! =) How adorable!

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