Friday, June 10, 2011

12x12 Double

Yesterday and today I had a few minutes to work on and finish the last layout from our Living Planet Aquarium trip and a layout from a fun day in the spring we got my giant dragon kite off the ground. Lately I have been ignoring my wonderful pictures and because of that my Scrapbooks have suffered a bit, but hopefully I can find a good balance of Cards, Bows, and Scrapbook pages. Well, lets move onto the stuff you are all here to see, the Pictures!!

I love the kite layout. Its so fun and has a lot of energy. Sadly, I will probably redue the page of the Aquarium. It just doesn't seem to go together they way I feel it should.

Sorry for the short posting but I am working hard to get the new Lucky Me Giveaway up and open. It will be open on Monday with 5 wonderful gifts to win so be sure to help spread the word and enter in to win!

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