Saturday, June 25, 2011


I know, I know, Yesterday was supposed to be Photogenic Friday and I missed it. I think I am going to move Photogenic Friday to Sunday. Fridays in this house are just too hectic with the Hubby around and it being payday. There's just too much to do and not enough hours in the day. So expect a Sunny Sunday Photo tomorrow. I'm sorry for the change but at least then I won't miss one! =)

Moving on. . .
I have 4 cards that are ready to order! Pre-made and awaiting you to order them! I will be showing pictures of them along with their prices. All prices include shipping and packaging costs. What do you say; are you ready to pay? (*Lori, you still have a credit for a free card of your choice which will be expiring at the end of next month.*)

First up is my Black Monkey Card from last monday's Manic Challenge Monday.
You can own this crazy cute card for the low price of 2.50$

Next up is my Red Monkey Card meant for a husband or wife/girlfriend or boyfriend. You can own this amazingly fun card for just 3$!

Next up is a lovely NUTS about YOU Card!! I love how cute this card is! You can order this card for the low low price of just 3$!

Have a new Baby on the Way? Let this card show your love for that new Bundle of Joy for just 2$

WOOT WOOT! Or should I say Hoot? For the low price of just 3$ you can order this great for any occasion owl card!

We also have a crazy adorable Soar Card with a small 3D effect! This card is 3.50$ but it is so worth it!!! It says "When I'm with you ..." on the outside and on the inside it says "My Heart takes Flight" how purrfect is that!

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