Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Truly Knowing You

This page came together so well. I love all of the colors and how the simple page spoke for its self. Not to mention this picture of Tia was breath-taking!! Some of my favorite quote boxes are the ones that I do in shapes. In this page I did the sweet little butterfly in yellow to go along with the purple butterfly cut out. Its always a good feeling to finish a page thats come together perfectly!

Believe it or not animals can have favorite colors as well as colors that look perfect with them! Even if you have two short hair orange tabby's both male and the same age that doesn't mean that they like the same color of that they look great with the same color! Tia's favorite Color is white and the color that looks best with her is a light to medium purple! My Son Smokey's favorite color is Red but he looks best on green! And my little Valentine's favorite color is a bright pink and she looks best with all kinds of pink! Colors are so much fun to play with don't you think so?!

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