Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slacking off - Part two

I love making cards. All kinds of cards, all sorts of cards, all types of cards! Cards! Cards! Cards! Cards! And more Cards! Mwahahaha!!!! The first one I am going to show you is from Christmas of last year. My friend Rebecca made this very cute Rudolph card and I just fell in love with it!! So I decided to try making one of my own and loved the results so much that I did an entire line of what I call Buttons for Christmas cards!! Rebecca is so inspireing, she has such a bubbly attitude about everything and loves showing you new and fun ways of doing things! She's so fun! =) Well here are the pictures of my Buttons for Christmas

Thanks Becca for your Inspiration!

Next up is my Easter Card to my wonderful Easter Bunny! I love BIG cards, weather they are 3 fold of just giant poster sized! I just love BIG cards! This was my very first three fold card. It turned out super cute!! I didn't print out a bunny face, I didn't cut a bunny face out of a book, I picked up my favorite mechanical pencil that my Mom bought for me when I was in 8th grade and I drew the bunny face that I wanted to see on that card! I colored it with my faithful colored pencils! It turned out great! I found some big googly eyes that moved and added them to the bunny for character. Then I found some brown cardstock and cut it down and glued it onto the back of the bunny and added a white cardstock puffy tail!!! But the card was still missing something, so I dug into my scraps bin for some easter left overs and found this cute egg and it just completed the card. It Turned out amazing!! My Hubby loved it!! Then again he always loves what I make him! =) **Such a great Husband!

One of my all time favorite cards that I ever made was for my friend Kassie who worked at Kmart with me. She was leaving and I wanted her to know that I was going to miss her!! So I took some time and decided what I really wanted the card to be and to look like. Flowers are great on any card for any occasion! So I went with flowers and letter stamps saying Miss You. **I really do still miss Kassie! I picked some of my favorite cordinating colors and by the end of two hours I had an amazing card that everyone loved!! Also, at the ribbon I added a tag that said friends and attatched it with a safty pin. Super Cute! It was such a fun but sad project!

Inside the card because I used dark brown carstock I cut strips of white paper for my personal writing to her. And I added more Miss You Flowers!

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