Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slacking off - Part Three

Have you ever looked at your walls and felt sad because of how bare they are? I had that moment from the day I was born! I have loved Posters for as long as I can remember! When I was about 16 I got my own bed room for the first time in my life! Usually I've had to share with my older sister. The first thing I did was get a ton of Posters and put them up everywhere!!! Even on the ceiling! Even now that I am married my love of posters is going on strong just in another view. Now instead of buying posters of my Favorite Hollywood hotties or Movies I make my own including photos of my Hubby and Me!! Right after my Hubby and I got married I pulled out my little keepsake box that had all of the movie tickets that we went to see while we were dating, all of the UTA Bus transfers, even special receipts from our movie dates and put them on a poster board along with our first official family photo. It turned out great!!!

4 years later in the summer we had a fun road trip kind of day and went hunting for all the libraries we could find in our area. We ended up getting lost a few times but it was crazy fun! I didn't have my camera with me but thank goodness for cell phones!!! I took out my cell phone and captured some great memories with the camera! With the pictures I took that day I made another poster! Just a few days later we got some free tickets to Resident Evil: Afterlife, but it was a special prescreening and was first come first served and I guess we got there too late and missed getting into see the movie which totally sucked but it was a fun trip out there and back. Again I didn't have my camera but my cell phone is always in my pocket! Took some great shots of us being goofy and added that to the Library Road Trip Day and completed the poster!!! It turned out even better then the first poster I made!!

For Father's Day of 2010 I decided to do something special for my Hubby and I wanted the kids to help. So I bought one of those shirts that come with paint and say "The Worlds Greatest Dad, Hands Down" and you're supposed to put your kids' hands in the paint and then ink the shirt. Well me being the genius that I am thought that this was the best project ever!! So I had my Mom come over to help me and the kids get Daddy's shirt done. Little did I know this was about to go horribly wrong!! It turns out that Cats don't like dipping their paws in wet, cold, funky colored substances. The girls hollered and fussed but over all weren't too bad. Then came Smokey's turn and he freaked out!! Claws, flesh, blood, furr, and paint went everywhere!! My Poor Mom was the one holding Smokey and she got the worst of it!!! I felt horrible! Not to mention now I have to figure out how to get blue paint out of the carpet and off the couch before Doug gets home! The shirt was ruined!! I wanted to cry! I had one day left to get something worked out to where the kids could help but no one would get hurt and nothing would get ruined! So I ran out and bought another shirt but this time it was a grey t-shirt with aged letters that said "Worlds Greatest Dad" I cut out three pictures of the kids in circles and two circles in white cardstock. I got my ink pads out and grabbed the kids! A few minutes later I had exactly what I was looking for! On those white circles I got the two front paws of each kid except Kaliki because she would probably get really sick and that wouldn't be good. I took the pictures and Paw Prints and attached them to the shirt. But I didn't forget about Kaliki! She got a large heart shaped picture on the shirt! I got a poster frame and covered it with metallic green and put the shirt on it! It turned out great and Daddy loved it!!!!

For my Mother-in-Law's birthday last year I decided to give her pictures of our kids! She has been bugging us for pictures of them but I don't like paying to print pictures for people if they aren't going to hang them or use them so I was weary of giving her any but I gave in and made her a mini poster with 4 pictures of out 4 wonderful babes! She hung it on the wall that very same day! Hooray! It was a fun project and I want to make more!

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