Monday, April 18, 2011

Because of Easter!

I love saving Holiday pictures that I want to scrapbook for the next year. I feel that printing off the photos and scrapbooking them right after the holiday is a bit of a drag. Mostly because you have just gone through a month of getting ready for that one major holiday and now you have to spend another week putting together all of these pages of pictures you took of the big event, I don't know about you but for me it seems like I get all Grr about the holiday and start feeling like, "if it never comes again it will be too soon." So I save all of those wonderful happy holiday photos for my crafting a year later.

At the beginning of the month of April I get excited about Easter and all the fun pastel colors that I love, which puts me in the mood to create pages including those great colors that go together so well. So instead of having birthday pictures filled with pastel colors and bunny stamps and stickers and rub ons I have all of the photos that I took last year to get on pages! Its a great way to stay in that happy holiday state and never stress if your favorite craft store has that big bunny sticker you need to finish your perfect page, because its Easter month and you know they have a ton of Bunny's, chicks, and eggs to help you complete your pages!

So these are our Easter Pages of last year that will be going into My Husband's and My Album! They aren't completely finished yet but I am excited about how they are turning out that I just had to show them to you! I still need to add the title and make a few tweek here and there.

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