Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slacking Off

WoW! I just can't believe how much I have been slacking off on this blog! You better sit back and get comfy because this one is gonna be a long one! =) I will start with my wonderful Scrapbook pages. Most of my amazing scrapbook pages are out of my Kids' album because they are so fun and crazy! Not to mention I don't have too many photos of my Hubby and me. One of my Favorites of all times is for my second youngest Daughter Tia. This is the story of the page, I was walking through one of my favorite craft stores with a 20$ gift card I had gotten for Christmas and I saw this very cute "All About Me" 3 piece sticker set. Now normally I wouldn't I wouldn't spend 4$ on a sticker set no matter how cute it is, but when I saw it I could think of nothing but my little girl. Not to mention she doesn't have many pages where its just her. Usually she is with her big brother or sister. So feeling that I just had to have these stickers I didn't waste another second thinking about it, into the cart it went and off I went to look at dollar stamps. When I got home and started putting everything away I found this cute sticker set again and right in the middle of putting everything away I rushed to my scrapbooking corner and started pulling out paper and glue and pictures. I was so inspired! **Good thing I didn't have any groceries with me on that trip. =) My oldest, my son Smokey came to help make sure that things were coming together nicely. He is always close by when it comes to Scrapbooking. I love that my babes help me with my favorite hobby! Well about 20 minutes later I had this beautiful 12x12 Scrapbook page of my sweet little Tia!

I am what most people would call the dollar store Scrapbooker. I love finding the best deals on the products I use the most. Most of my clear stamp collection is from the dollar section. I have never paid full price at a store for a stamp set. Ever! **I must admit though that I did have to pay full price the few stamps I ordered from Stampin Up. I always look for the sales and the clearance. It never bothers me that I have last seasons paper or embellishments. I love reading back issues of my Paper Crafts Magazine at the local library. That's actually what inspired me to make the next page that I am going to show you. I was flipping through a Creating Keepsakes back issue from about 3 years ago and saw these adorable stamps that were hearts, stars, and moons with little bear faces and night caps. I loved them!! They were so cute. Well, knowing that they would not be on some dollar rack somewhere I decided to try to make my own! I cut out stars of different sizes and sat down with a pencil and eraser and drew up some very cute little bear faces and night caps. I colored them in with colored pencils and a black Sharpie. AMAZING!!! Then I pulled out a white piece of paper and took my pencil and eraser again and drew up the moon!!! To die for!!!! Colored it in as well with the colored pencils and then went through my 12x12 paper stash to find the perfect background to lay my new sleepy stars and moon on. Found the perfect one! Grabbed my pictures and went at it. About 10 minutes later I had this amazing layout finished and looking too cute for words! This layout has my beloved second oldest, first daughter Valentine!

Ok, one more page for you! This one is titled the Toy! I found this toy out side our apartment. One of our Neighbors was getting rid of it because their cat never played on it. So I took it cleaned it thoroughly and let it dry then let my three oldest have a turn on it! They loved it!! My second youngest, Tia loves it the most! She can always be found playing and laying on it. It was such an amazing find for free. I had been looking into similar items at walmart and such and the prices always made me worry. 20-40$ for these plastic little things that don't look like they could hold more then 2 pounds. So I was all for trying it out for free! =) Gotta love a great deal! Ha Ha Ha Well of course when you get a new toy for your children you just have to break out the camera and get tons of pictures! These are just a few of the ones I got when my two babes were playing on it! Valentine was so afraid of this new toy for close to three weeks then she started sleeping on it! Oh and by the way, the bird that is under the title I cut and inked myself! Its amazing what a piece of paper and a pencil can do for you!

And just to clear things up, I am the very proud Mother to 4 beautiful Children. 3 Amazing kitty cats named; Smokey age 10, Valentine age 5, and Tia age 3. And one beautiful Gerbil named Kaliki. There have been others but that is a blog for another time.

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