Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Tour

Settle in, get comfy, you might also want to grab a snack. This ones going to take some time, but don't worry there are some amazing pictures!

I have been wanting to do this post for so long but I always get discouraged because, unlike most of you out there I do not have a room dedicated to my Scrapbooking and other crafts. I only have about a 5x4' corner of my front room that I use for my scrapbooking. Then a little while ago, I started thinking, not everyone out there has a spare room strictly for their crafts! I am sure that those people would like some inspiration, tips & tricks, and ideas on how to make it work! (Horton knows I did/do!) So I am here to show off all the fun I have going on in my corner. =)

Lets start with something all of you are familiar with. My Stamp Keeper! I got this whole set up for 10$ from my local DI (Deseret Industries) It came with 100 trays but over the past while I have added and removed these trays for what I have needed.

It is now sitting on top of the best thing ever! It is a white entertainment center! It use to be in our bedroom but my husband thought that it would be a great addition to my Scrap space. (I'm sure it was just so he could have his book case back.) So we rearranged our bedroom moving everything from this entertainment center onto our HUGE dresser! I cleaned the entertainment center and moved it into place. It matched my Stamp Keeper perfectly! I'm so excited! I removed two of the adjustable drawers and loaded up the bottom with all of my scrapbook and photo albums. Then I set the pegs and added a shelf. On it sits my binders, 8.5X11 Paper, 12x12 Paper, paper kits, 12x12 cricut cutting mats, and my Scrapbooking Books. On the left side of this stand are 3 rolling shelve/drawers with plastic divider meant for CD and DVD cases! I put a CD case in the back and a decorated one in the front to keep things where I need them! I used the first two drawers for my ribbon stash! Everything is visible and perfect and easily accessible! Love it! The bottom drawer is where I placed my digital photos! My computer has a lot of issues and I can't keep a lot of items on it so I burn everything to disks to make sure that I have it safe and sound!

Now lets move on to my actual desk. I use an older model corner unit desk with attached hutch. Its not the prettiest desk in the world but it works! In the first section of the hutch there are three sections. Two small and one large. In the first small section I have put a shelf (which is adjustable) on the shelf is two small glass jars. Below that is a round flower vase which I use for my button collection! **I just saw these amazing square glass dishes at walmart that I want to get now for this section! I want to add another shelf and get 3 of these jars to put there for my brads, buttons, and gems! It will look great!

In the large section which is in the center of the left side of the hutch I have my only large paper punch, my stampin up color coach, and this amazing pencil display that I use for my glitter glue and scissors!! Terrific!

In the other small section of the left side of the hutch I have placed my extra favorite marker sets on the top shelf! I have two extra opaq stix sets both matallic and solid and an extra twinklet set! Love these markers! On the bottom shelf I have my current used set of opaq stix and used/unused Just Glitter pens in a spinning pen case.

Below the Hutch there is some space, like having another shelf. In this space on the left side is another awesome pencil case that I have used to hold all my great coloring tools!

Next up in the center of my desk. (normally where you would put the monitor for a computer.) I have a large 3 drawer plastic tote and a small white 5 drawer plastic tote. Both filled with lots of goodies!

Now on to the right side of my desk which is exactly like the left side. It has three sections two small and one large. In the first section I have put up an adjustable shelf. On the top shelf I have one of my idea photo albums. On the bottom shelf is where I keep my decorated chip board letters and decorations.

The large section I keep my Photo Box and my small divided case and in the last small section I have my fake flower case. (not my paper ones.)

Now, lastly is the bottom section under the hutch. I have used this space for my index cards and my case for the over sized stamps that I have. Also my straight cutter. =)

I do obviously have room to grow if needed! That is my scrap area and I love it! Thank you all so much for joining me for this fun post! I hope that I have inspired you and your workspace! If you have some fun and amazing ideas for small space organization please leave me a comment and if possible a link to a picture! I would love to see what all of you have come up with!
~Virginia E.

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