Monday, July 25, 2011

A Sad Post

Well do to life happening, people being human, and things being hectic I at this time have to choose to let go of 2 scheduled posts. I am so sad to have to do this but things are so crazy right now that I keep missing posts and that is so not fair to any of you! Let me start with the good news, I have decided to keep up with Manic Challenge Monday but it will be under a different title. Now, simply, it will be called Inspirati♥n Monday. The other one I would like to keep up with is Think Link Thursday, but it will be moving to Tuesday to be sure that I remember it, its title is changing as well to True Link Tuesday(It flows better.)! I am so sorry that everything keeps going weird around the blog but hopefully this will help make things level out and stay consistent. I will be back on other days with all of my random other projects and possible orders. So be sure to keep checking back with me for all of the fun and picture filled posts! =)
Again, I am so sorry for all of this. Today is Monday and I will be posting my newly titled Inspirati♥n Monday post!

Thank you for joining me and sticking by for all of this crazy news.
~Virginia E.

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