Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mini Bows

The other day I made some crazy cute matching hair bows. I used some thin loop pale pink ribbon, some thin themed "I Love You" ribbon and some bright pink rhinestones. These are so simple and very cute. If you are interested in buying these the set will be 6$ with shipping and packaging included. If you would rather them be attached to a headband instead of hair clips I can do that! Let me know the colors you are looking for and what theme you are needing! I can make it happen!

Thanks for stopping by!
~Virginia E.


Me and Charlie said...

These are too cute. You need to have Sera or someone else model them for you and then take pictures.

Angela said...

I think it's so impressive that you are marketing your skills. :) Because people will pay for this! It's cute, and you price it reasonably, and you're very good at it! :D

I shall buy some for myself at some point...after school starts, probably...