Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Sweet Story

So on the 30th of March my very special friend Mrs. Rebecca brought home my new son, his name is Brydda and he is a mini lop/dwarf rabbit. He is such a sweetheart and I love having him home with us!

Well, not only did Mrs. Rebecca bring home my Brydda baby and the amazing starter kit to get us set up for our first bunny, but she also brought me some amazing scrapbooking products that she no longer needed. She used to be a Stampin Up demonstrator and had a lot of great stuff from Stampin Up that she was ready to let go of. She gave me so much that there is no way that I could take photographs of it all and show you, so you'll have to take my word on how freaking amazing it all was!
What I'm about to tell you will just add proof to how great it all was!
So, a day or so after Brydda and all the "new" goodies came home my Hubby was feeling a bit ignored and wanted my attention back on him. So while I was still sleeping in the morning he drove down to our local craft store which is JoAnns and stood in the stamping isle for a good 30 minutes (or so he says, but knowing him it was probably closer to an hour) staring at ink pads. I have been talking for a while about needing a new white ink pad. Every time I have the cash to pick one up I find that I always need something else more, usually paper.
Well anyway, there my Husband is standing in the stamping isle in JoAnns staring at ink pads trying to pick out the right one. (My Hubby has never been good at picking things out for me, when he does pick its perfect but most of the time he stresses too much and just feels miserable, so most holidays and birthday I get a gift card.) After the "half hour" of looking he finally picked one out. I love it! It really is perfect! He picked out the A la Mode pigment ink pad by Hampton Arts.
I love my husband and all the little and BIG things that he does for me on an everyday basis!
The though of my husband standing in a craft store actually looking at product really makes me laugh though.

What a Sweetheart!
How about sharing a super wonderful moment that your special someone went above and beyond just because they could. I remember my mom wanting a portable feed bag for her horse but decided to wait on it, my dad went back to the store later that day while she was out and when she got home there was a new feed bag waiting for her. What a fun day that was for her!
~Virginia E.

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