Saturday, April 7, 2012

I love Thrift

 I really do, I love Thrift Stores, especially the ones that are here in my neck of the woods. I went on another fun trip to my Local DI (Deseret Industries) and found a few more great deals!
The first things that I have to show you are even going to surprise you! They are 12x6 MyWord Chipboard Album. I got two of them one that spells Party and one that spells Travel. They are both brand new right off the shelf! There were tons of other ones like Grade and Baby, but none that I could use.

I picked those up for a dollar each! I couldn't believe that these made it to the DI but I am so glad that they did!
The next items that I got were also a dollar each! The first one that I have to show you is a 2000 Stampin Up stamps set call Animal Valentines, brand new never been opened stamp set! They are so cute! I'm excited to use them!
Next up I picked up another Stampin Up stamp set, this one is a 2001 called Vogue Verses.
Isn't that amazing!!! I can't that believe all of these great items were brand new and had never been opened! All for only 1$ each! It just blows my mind away!

Happy Bargain Hunting, send me a comment about the ways that you save money when looking for new Scrapbooking items! One of my favorite things to do is sharing and trading with friends and families! I have no problem with "out of date" paper craft items, that's how I make it look easy to save money while getting new fun and exciting paper craft toys!
~Virginia E.

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