Monday, August 15, 2011


This week I have been focusing on redoing some of my older pages. I feel that when I did them I was in a hurry and just blowing through pages and photos. So I have decided to go back and re due some of them. So far I have been able to get to 5 different pages. I forgot to take before photos ... ... ... so I'm crazy sorry that you only get to see the wonderful afters. **The before were pretty terrible. I love how far my Scrapbooking and Card making has come.

You might want to settle in because this post is filled with pictures for you to enjoy!
The first I have to show you is a redone page of my little girls first photos in our home. Tia's first few days! How cute! The first page was super cluttered with all sorts of things! I really have no idea what I was thinking. So I decided to cut it way back and make sure it is a very clean and simple layout! It is one of my favorites now!

Cute isn't it! Next up is a redone page of 3 photos of my pretty little princess Valentine! Her page was too dull. It had one paper, 3 stickers, and a painted wood ornament. So I jazzed it up and made it dazzle! I love the way it looks now! My girls really love their Purple!

I decided to take a new approach to another Tia page. Her old layout was very cluttered with Chipboard letters but it was also very dull and bland. Made me so sad to look at it. =( But I am proud to tell you that this is another one of my favorite layouts!

Next, I took a dark and dreary layout of fun pictures and made it fit the mood of the photos! I think that you will really enjoy this layout! Its another layout within a layout which we all know is my favorite! The colors are amazing together!
(Sorry, the glare is bad on both photos.)

This last one is almost done. All I need is to put the title on it, which will go in the center on the penguin paper. This paper all came from the same set and I just love how well it all goes together!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to have a happy crafty day!
~Virginia E.

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