Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From Old to New

Seriously.... Have you even noticed how easy it is to take an old page and create a brand new layout with it, rather then starting a completely new page? I don't know about you but it seems like a breeze to me. Maybe because I've already seen it the one way and know what I want to keep on the page and what I want to lose.

Well here we go. The first update I have for you is a Halloween page from 2007. I titled it Scardy Cat. How fun! My two oldest are so cuddly during this holiday. =) I did do another layout within a layout. I also custom made my title but stamping and image over the top of my letter punches. Super cute and very easy for a quick layout update. (Again, I did forget to take before photos and I'm sorry, I just get in the zone and it never crosses my mind to take a quick photo before I rip into it.)
This page originally had the two photos on a moss green paper with two strips of pumpkin ribbon and a bunch of google eyes glued on it. Talk about dull. =( So happy with the changes that I have made!

The next one that I have to show you is a fun group of Photos that I caught just in the nick of time! TV Gold!! It truly is! =) This one originally was on a black star patterned paper with a multi colored ribbon dividing the page into 4 sections. It was really gross! I have no idea what I was thinking when I made the page! YUCK! But I am proud to say that this layout lives up to my standards! Ha Ha Ha

Now I have another Christmas layout for you. I chose brown holiday themed paper because I was getting tired of all the Green and Red and Blue on every Christmas Layout I have ever done. This one does have some Dark Red and very little green, but the dominant colors are brown and cream. Turned out amazing! This page originally was just 3 photos with different colored mats tilted at different angles on a bright yellow paper. It was crazy dull and had no spirit to it at all. Sad I know! So I absolutely had to change it!

Last to show off is another Christmas Page from that same year. I used scraps from the page above to tryout a page that I have been meaning to try out for a while. I see Scrap Pages everywhere but I have never actually attempted to try one. So today I got up the nerve to try it out and I am quite pleased with the way that it turned out! Originally this page was a white background with two strips of tree patterned paper and two mitten embellishments. Sad, I know. But I do love how it looks now. =) The title is buggin' me but that is easily changed!

That's all I have for you right now but I will be back soon to show off more updated pages.
Be sure to have a happy Crafty day!
~Virginia E.

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