Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New things!

Well, as I said before I just couldn't wait to get started on my new project! While at the DI I found this very wonderful Photo Album Bookshelf Box, I've actually seen it there a few times, maybe it wasn't the same one but it sure did look like the same one. At first it was Originally priced at 5.00$ this last time I picked it up for only 1.50$! When I picked it up it was covered in soda and has scratches and nicks and deep cuts all over it, it is also missing the top cover which had been broken off very roughly causing splintering of the wood, it is also missing at least one pull out album but possibly two. Looking at this poor thing I saw nothing but potential!

I took a Clorox Wipe and went over everything, I made sure to clean up all of the sticky soda and scrub up all of the other marks which included crayon! Afterwards it looked like this!
Huge difference already right!!!
Well, I bought this item because I make a lot of cards and find that I love the layout but can never recreate it exactly, so I started making little Recipe cards for my Card Layouts. These have stared to add up and stack up! So I have really been needing to find something to do with all of them! Once I saw this I knew what I wanted to do with them! I have decided to make a recipe card box! Each page will have a photo of the layout and on the other side I will place the recipe so both are very visible and easy to remove and replace!
I didn't want to leave it blank because what fun would that be? I like things that are visually inspiring to me. Stripes and Dots are some of my favorite visual patterns for paper and my work space! On my Stamp Storage system the sides are decorated with light green stripes while the drawers have light pink and burgundy stripes with a wonderful burgundy flourish. That paper ran out and I couldn't find anymore so I decided to start finding other fun patterns to incorporate into my workspace that were still within these colors! I have succeeded in this and also gave myself a great diversity of visual fun! These are the papers that I have chosen for this project!

I think that it turned out great! The colors really go well together and the faded look on the stripes are a fun touch!
I was going to add this great stripped paper to the inside albums but unfortunately that was just a scrap of paper and I didn't have anymore to use. So I went through my stack and ended up with something that I love even more! I added this great old stock Stampin Up paper which is double sided and it meant to mix and match! I love the added colors and designs!

I love the way that is all turned out and I am so happy with where it fit in and how it looks on my desk!
That's all for now! Thanks for stopping by!
Have a wonderfully Crafty Day!
~Virginia E.

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