Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hello, my name is Virginia Eaton and I am proud to start this blog and share my work with all of you wonderful Scrapbookers and Card Makers! I was brought into the world of Scrapbooking by a dear friend of mine, her name is Rebecca, she and I hadn't spoken for almost 7 years and then we reconnected on myspace and decided to set up a time to meet and hang out. During the planning of this she asked if I was interested in Scrapbooking, which I was, and so she told me all about her work and her pages and brought most of her things over to my little apartment. She even brought me a 12x12 Album that I could just have. She is amazing and gave me a lot of wonderful starter things, such as paper 12x12 and 8x11, punch outs, scissors, and glue. She has also helped me pay for pictures more times then I can remember. We would stay up until the early hours of the morning scrapbooking and laughing and talking about the good times, the old and the new. In one month we both had finished and entire album! The work that we did together was amazing and now because of that time together my first Scrapbook pages hold even more memories then just the pictures, they hold the memories of those wonderful late nights that were filled with laughs. I sure do miss those days. Rebecca and her wonderful little family got their own house and things are much more complicated now so we don't spend much time together except online. Although I have lost my Scrapbookin' buddy I haven't stopped my work. I continue working on my Albums and my new love of Card Making. Which Rebecca actually got me addicted to as well. But that is a story for another time.

I want to welcome you all to my stories and my Scrapbooking adventures. In future Blogs there will be pictures of my works and or works in progress and the story behind them. I give details of how each page or special embellishments or card was created. Of course as always this blog is here to have fun making memories and sharing them.

Thank you for your time and please enjoy reading the up and coming blog!

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