Saturday, March 19, 2011

To be very Honest!

Being honest in a business is really what people are looking for! I recently made a delivery of 24 cards to a customer and collected payment for the cards. Two days later I discovered that I forgot to give her two of the cards she ordered and I didn't add bows to 6 of the cards! I feel very horrible about this so to make it up I am giving her 6 new and free cards, Easter & spring cards, a father's day card, a very cute "You're Perfect" card, and a best wishes card! Now, this does not fix it! I know, but it is a really good start. The cards turned out great!! She will also be receiving the two cards that I forgotten to give her and I will go to her house and fix the cards that have the missing bows! I am very sorry for everything and I hope to see her continuing business!

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