Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Paper Present!

There are a million ways to make a present shaped card!!! I like to keep things simple! I took a dark brown piece of 12x12 paper and cut it in half making it a 12x6 then just folded it down the center. Looked through my BIG red bag of scraps and found some cute orange and red patterned paper. I measured and cut them down, the orange was trimmed down to 2.5x6.5", the red was trimmed down to a 3x6.5" and layered under the orange piece. I then took my inchworm fun cut scissors and trimmer the red paper up just a little. Once that was finished I glued it to the dark brown 12x6" paper. Now add a little strip of ribbon with a bow for that special touch! I also added two rectangular pieces of paper and in orange pen wrote Happy Birthday! But this card is great for all holidays or events! Christmas, Birthday, Wedding! It was such a fun project!

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